Make Sure To Get Your Summer-Solstice Crown & Winter-Solstice Sweater In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Another two more new seasonal holiday items are now available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to celebrate the beginning of Summer or start of Winter, depending on where you live!

These two new items join three other seasonal holiday items were previously made available at the start of June to celebrate International Children’s Day on June 1st, and Father’s Day coming up on June 21st.

For International Children’s Day, a sweet pair of items called the Handmade Cape and Handmade Crown were made available — we suggest putting the cape on a villager to give them an almost superhero look! And for Father’s Day, you can get a Father’s Day Mug item. Both of these items are still available until the end of June.

With the two more brand new items made available beginning yesterday though, you can celebrate the transition of seasons in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres!

For the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer-Solstice Crown item covered in sunflowers marks the occasion of Spring coming to an end as Summer arrives. And the Southern Hemisphere can help prepare for the end of Autumn and the arrival of cold winter weather with the Winter-Solstice Sweater item!

While these items have some odd tagging that would imply they’re regional exclusives to Europe and the Southern Hemisphere, it turns out those tags thankfully don’t mean anything at all. Both the Summer-Solstice Crown and Winter-Solstice Sweater can be ordered from any region or island hemisphere!

Just as with all past seasonal holiday related items, like the Mother’s Day Mug back in May, you can find both of these brand new items inside Nook Shopping’s Special Goods section. They’re in a unique category at the very end of the tabs called Seasonal.

If you’ve unlocked the Nook Shopping app on your NookPhone, you can use that app to access the items. Otherwise, just head to the Nook Stop terminal at Resident Services to get your hands on these fun new items.

Check out all the details for these two new June seasonal Nook Shopping items below including item names, photos, descriptions, prices, and availability dates! Both are only available to order until July 6th, so don’t waste any time.

Summer-Solstice Crown

Event: Summer Solstice Festival

Item Description: “This European festival celebrates the arrival of summer. It’s said that folks wear flower crowns and dance for good health and new love in the coming year. Maybe your crush will notice you in your sunflower crown!”

Price: 1,560 Bells

Availability: June 7th to July 6th

Winter-Solstice Sweater

Event: Winter Solstice Festival

Item Description: “The day of the winter solstice has the shortest period of daylight. In the Southern Hemisphere, folks prepare for the cold weather with sweaters like this to send Mr. Winter running!”

Price: 1,200 Bells

Availability: June 7th to July 6th

Don’t forget to check out our Summer Shells, Wedding Season, and June New Fish & Bugs guides as well for more on Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

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