We Need All Of This New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Merchandise Coming To Nintendo Tokyo

Buried at the end of yesterday’s huge new update announcement for Animal Crossing: New Horizons featuring swimming came an unexpected merchandise reveal that we initially missed.

That’s right — a brand new round of official Animal Crossing: New Horizons merchandise is on the way to Japan at the Nintendo Tokyo store very soon!

The Nintendo Tokyo store has already featured quite an impressive selection of Animal Crossing merch since its opening last November in Japan, but those items were marketed as generally for the Animal Crossing series as a whole.

This exciting new set of merchandise is unapologetically Animal Crossing: New Horizons focused though! Highlight items as part of the fresh batch include three new t-shirts, an amazing bag, a sun hat, a beach towl, a face towl, and various cutlery.

Here’s a complete list of new Animal Crossing items coming to Nintendo Tokyo, per Google Translate, with numbers matching the image above:

  1. T-shirt A Atsume Animal Forest
  2. T-shirt B Atsuma Animal Forest
  3. Tanuki’s Aloha Shirt Atsume Animal Forest
  4. Hat Atsume Animal Forest
  5. Lunch plate Atsume Animal Forest
  6. Curry & pasta plate Atsume Animal Forest
  7. Salad bowl Atsume Animal Forest
  8. Melamine Cup A Atsume Animal Forest
  9. Melamine Cup B Atsume Animal Forest
  10. Cutlery set Atsume Animal Forest
  11. Beach towel Atsume Animal Forest
  12. Face towel Atsume Animal Forest
  13. Cold storage pouch Atsume Animal Forest
  14. Die-cut sticker A Atsume Animal Forest
  15. Carabiner Atsume Animal Forest

If many of these new items sound like they’re perfect for the summer season, that appears to be no coincidence as Nintendo’s announcement points out how the lineup is perfect for hot weather with the Aloha shirts and beach towels!


I actually had the pleasure myself of making a trip to Japan just a few months ago near the beginning of this year, and you can bet I made a lengthy stop at the Nintendo Tokyo store to pick up some of the previously released Animal Crossing items.

Despite the impressive haul I brought home, it looks like this announcement now means I’ll have to make another journey back to Japan as soon as possible when international travel opens up again! Although, I was going to do that anyway…

There’s currently no official release date yet for the new set of Animal Crossing: New Horizons merchandise, but you can regularly find the original items for resale on sites like eBay still.

Plus, Nintendo says that they plan to releaseĀ even more further products in addition to the new ones announced this week. Seems like this company is finally starting to understand our demand for Animal Crossing merch!

Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World forĀ everything on New Horizons, including our extensive Guides section here.

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