Scan Your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Catalog & DIY Recipes Into Lists Automatically With This Tool

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With thousands of different items to hunt down and collect in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, completing a player’s entire Catalog and DIY Recipes collection is one of the highest goals to aim for after enough playtime.

Despite being such a common goal though, it’s not easy to keep track of which items you’ve already cataloged outside of the game without a heavy amount of manual transcribing from your Nintendo Switch’s screen. But thanks to a handy Twitter account called CatalogScanner created by Ehsan Kia, there’s a much easier way!

By using the CatalogScanner bot, transcribing your entire Item Catalog or DIY Recipes collection in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be as simple as uploading a few short videos to Twitter and watching the magic happen.

What takes this amazing tool to the next level though is some handy and easy integration with a few popular Animal Crossing catalog or trading sites such as VillagerDB, Nook Exchange, and NookPlaza.

How To Record Videos For CatalogScanner

To get started with using CatalogScanner, you’ll first need to capture a recording of scrolling down either your Nook Shopping catalog or NookPhone DIY Recipes in a specific manner.

For the Catalog, you need to select a category inside Nook Shopping and  croll down by holding the right analog stick until you reach the end of your catalog. This is the speedy scrolling method, different from the regular left stick scroll, and is required for CatalogScanner to work properly.

As for DIY Recipes, you want to scroll down the menu using the left analog stick until you reach the end. Don’t use the fast scrolling method for this one.

After reaching the end of a list, whether that be a Catalog or DIY Recipes, long press the Capture button on your controller to save a video of your scrolling. Before you upload for CatalogScanner to work its magic though, you need to trim down the video capture length.

To trim down your video, open the Home Menu on your Nintendo Switch and launch the Album application. Find your recently recorded video, select it, and press A to open the menu.

Use the Trim option to cut off any excess fluff from the start and end, so that the video starts just before you scroll and ends just scrolling is over. The Twitter bot is not a fan of any unnecessary footage on either end, so this step is important.

Uploading To Twitter For CatalogScanner

Once your video is trimmed properly, press A on the newly edited video, select the Post option, and press Post to Twitter. You’ll need to log into and use a Twitter account for CatalogScanner to work.

Once the Twitter poster is open on your Nintendo Switch, you need to edit the preset message to have @CatalogScanner in front. This will alert the bot to your video, and ensure the video doesn’t clog your followers’ timelines.

You can leave the default Animal Crossing related hashtags in place, and add in additional CatalogScanner specific hashtags for some uses if you wish. Notably, you can use #VillagerDB or #NookExchange for easier integration with those websites if you already are familiar with them.

Additionally, various hashtags for different languages of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are available too — check the website here for a full list of locales. Finally, you can use #ForSale to filter your list to only items purchasable in the catalog.

When your message is all set and ready to go with @CatalogScanner at the front and any appropriate hashtags added, press Post to Twitter! Give the bot a couple minutes and your video will be processed. You should receive a notification of a reply on Twitter, or you can check the bot’s most recent replies here.

Using Your CatalogScanner Generated Lists

After your Catalog or DIY Recipes video has been uploaded to Twitter and processed by CatalogScanner, the reply to your video will contain a handy link to the item results! For the sake of example, here’s one that I generated myself.

On the linked page, you can find a complete list of every Catalog item or DIY Recipe found in the video you uploaded. You can copy the plain text list of items for use in your own spreadsheet and notes, or you can pass it on to one of a few different Animal Crossing: New Horizons database websites.

Speaking of database websites, if a #VillagerDB or #NookExchange was included in your video upload, then the reply will contain a direct integration link to these services instead. Clicking that link will bring you straight to those sites with your list imported for you.

If you didn’t include any extra hashtags, the same task can accomplished by pressing the VillagerDB and Nook Exchange buttons at the top of the list page. For NookPlaza, there’s no direct linked integration, but you can import to that site as well by simply copy pasting the plain text list of item names.

Here’s an example below of my Furniture Catalog list generated by CatalogScanner imported into VillagerDB using their easy integration:

We’re pretty impressed by the helpfulness of this tool in speeding up the process of managing your Animal Crossing: New Horizons catalog! There is one major caveat to be aware of though — CatalogScanner does not support variations because of Nintendo Switch video capture time constraints and the lack of any automated scrolling method for variants.

Once again, we’d like to thank Ehsan Kia for his hard work on creating and hosting the CatalogScanner bot — you can donate here if you’d like to support the project. And of course thanks to VillagerDB and NookExchange for implementing the helpful direct integrations.

Hopefully you’ll find this catalog scanning tool as useful as we did! Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for everything on New Horizons, including our extensive Guides section here.

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