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Animal Crossing: New Leaf StreetPass Puzzle now available in North America and Europe

7 years ago 24 Comments


If you’re a fan of the StreetPass puzzles on the Nintendo 3DS, you may want to check out your StreetPass Plaza soon.

Nintendo sent out the puzzle via SpotPass to North America and Europe today, just open up Puzzle Swap to receive your free starting piece.

It looks like the puzzle is a copy of the puzzle which Japan received last year, so if you want to spoil yourself, click here.

UPDATE: It seems that some were sent a Fire Emblem puzzle piece instead of an Animal Crossing piece. How odd. Personally, I did recieve an Animal Crossing piece so it is possible.

3DS & Wii U Nintendo Direct broadcasting Friday at 7AM PT/10AM ET/4PM CEST

7 years ago 13 Comments


A new Nintendo Direct is coming directly to you Friday morning (that’s tomorrow!) at 7AM PT/10AM ET! Also, a European Nintendo Direct will be broadcasted at 4PM CEST.

The broadcasts are expected to provide updates on upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games releasing this spring and summer.

An additional direct will be provided before the start of E3 2013 to discuss Wii U games releasing in the fall and beyond.