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The North American website for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is live

7 years ago 25 Comments

Nintendo has launched the full website for Animal Crossing: New Leaf in North America. There are still a few parts not quite opened but it’s much more expansive than the former teaser site. Either way, it’s looking quite shiny so take a look at it by following this link.

Here’s a short list of observations we’ve made so far from the website:

  • An event calendar may be revealed on Tuesday, May 14th
  • The Wealthy Town ordinance is titled Bell Boom in North America as well
  • Looks to be confirmed that North America will not be getting an pre-order bonus like Europe, it would be mentioned on here


The worldwide versions of Animal Crossing: New Leaf are likely running Version 1.1

7 years ago 5 Comments


A few months ago, a software update was released for the Japanese and South Korean versions of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The update fixed a number of bugs in the game including crashes and an item duplication glitch.

Some have wondered whether our version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf would come preinstalled with the updated version or if it would arrive at a later date through a download.

Thankfully, we can confirm that at least the German game is running version 1.1 or higher and most likely the other localized games are as well.

The confirmation comes in the form of a video of the German game with the third Update option available on the main menu, an option introduced into the game with version 1.1 therefore indicating the game is running version 1.1 or higher.

(thanks to BigJC on TBT for pointing this out)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf now available for Intend to Buy on Club Nintendo (NA)

7 years ago 14 Comments


Are you a Club Nintendo member in North America? You’ll be happy to know that Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now up for Intend to Buy on Club Nintendo NA!

Intend to Buy allows you to fill out a short survey prior to the game’s release in return for an extra 10 coins if you buy the game and register it later. I highly recommend doing it if you plan on purchasing Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Head over to this page to find the Intend to Buy survey.

Twitter welcomes Isabelle with the North American Twitter account open

7 years ago 19 Comments


The North American Twitter account for Animal Crossing: New Leaf has opened up at @AnimalCrossing with a welcome message from Isabelle, the secretary in New Leaf.

Head over to the Twitter page to follow the account for new screenshots and more over the coming weeks. You can also follow the European account @AC_Isabelle.

Hopefully, the official complete website for North America will launch soon following the Twitter account. The European website has been open for a few weeks now.