Take a look at 25 of the Series 1 Animal Crossing amiibo cards, plus packaging details

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The first series of Animal Crossing amiibo cards will be released this September with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. This series of cards will include exactly 100 animals, with 25 of them revealed today, with a mix of special characters and regular villagers.

They will be sold in packs containing 6 random amiibo cards in each, including one guaranteed special NPC card in every pack. Pricing is unknown at this time, however we do know that in Japan they will be sold in packs of 3 for about 2 and a half dollars. If I had to guess, I would say that the pack of 6 cards might be sold for 5 dollars overseas. Keep scrolling for images of all 25 cards revealed today!


  • Isabelle (#001)
  • Tom Nook (#002)
  • DJ KK (#003)
  • Resetti (#006)
  • Digby (#009)
  • Lyle (#016)
  • Lottie (#017)
  • Fauna (#019)
  • Curt (#020)
  • Leonardo (#022)
  • Lopez (#027)
  • Rasher (#029)
  • Bill (#033)
  • Kiki (#034)
  • Patty (#038)
  • Octavian (#045)
  • T-Bone (#062)
  • Mint (#063)
  • Roscoe (#078)
  • Goose (#082)
  • Chief (#086)
  • Bunny (#087)
  • Cyrano (#094)
  • Peanut (#095)
  • Molly (#099)

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being from Europe but owning a Japanese and a US/CA 3DS I really hope that all cards will work for all 3 region versions of the game!


I hope so too! So far, all amiibo have been region free, so there’s a good chance.

Andres Reano

they’re region free it’s impossible to region lock nfc chips unless nintendo invents a new standard and that would require an entire new ds


that is awesome to hear, thank you~!^__^


Yay, T-Bone, Molly, Peanut, and Fauna. Some of my favs.


Hype increased by 1388738039580934850867586758769857609358765766

Andres Reano

actually its 1.90 to 2 dollars. If you’re paying 3 you’re over paying. I don’t know why American’s think the yen is 1 for 1 250 yen isn’t 2 dollars and 50 cents its like 1.90 to 2.00


Anyone else having problem with using Molly card on the reader?

little rolling bean

Molly is fine with me, maybe you just got a faulty card.