Japan’s first shipment of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer contains over 500,000 copies

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Nintendo has announced that the first shipment of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is expected to exceed 500,000 units in Japan, while pre-orders are already sold out at some retailers.

That shipment contains a mixture between the standalone game version, and the NFC bundle containing the game with NFC Reader accessory for reading amiibo.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer looks to be destined to repeat Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s rampant success based on the high demand seen so far. For a brief history lesson, check out this old GIF from our archives detailing New Leaf’s insane rise in the charts back in November 2012 when it released in Japan:


It’s also worth noting that the previously announced free amiibo card included with copies of the gameĀ only applies to the first shipment of the game. Later copies of the game will not include the bonus card, but at this time all pre-orders are expected to receive the bonus card according to Nintendo. Presumably, the same will apply to the overseas releases as well, but we don’t know for sure yet.

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