Ten new Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival screenshots and three amiibo cards from Amazon Japan

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We’ve spotted a number of new Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival in Japanese from the newly updated Amazon Japan product listing, as well as high resolution shots of the three included amiibo cards with the game.

First, here are the ten new Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Japanese screenshots showing off more of the main board game mode, Island Escape mode, and mini-games:

We have high resolution photos of the three Animal Crossing amiibo Cards included with the game’s bundle as well:

Based on the lack of a card number replaced with the amiibo logo, as well as the unique outfits of the characters, we’re counting these as exclusive promotional cards to the bundle and have added them to our Animal Crossing amiibo Promotional Cards page.

Let us know what you think of how amiibo Festival is shaping up and these new screenshots in the comments below. I’m really excited for the Island Escape mode now that we’ve another look at it with a new¬†screenshot here. It almost looks like a mini Animal Crossing Civilization game!

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