Animal Crossing amiibo Cards – Promotional Cards List

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards are new collector’s trading cards with amiibo functionality from Nintendo for use with the new Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game on Nintendo 3DS.

The regular series cards are available in random blind packs of 6 in North America, and 3 in Europe. One special character card is guaranteed in each pack.

In addition to the regular series of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards, there are currently five promotional cards available through various means:

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Animal Crossing amiibo Promotional Cards

Card PhotoNumberNameTypeRPSDice
amiibo_card_AnimalCrossing_01_GoldieAmiibo FestivalGoldieDogRockTwo
amiibo_card_AnimalCrossing_03_RosieAmiibo FestivalRosieCatPaperFour
amiibo_card_AnimalCrossing_02_StitchesAmiibo FestivalStitchesCubScissorsSix
amiibo_card_AnimalCrossing_01_Isabelle_promoCPIsabelle (Variation)SpecialScissorsOne
amiibo_card_AnimalCrossing_101_KK_promoCPK.K. Slider (Variation)SpecialRockTwo

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Christina Needham

Are all 4 of these from the same magazine?


The isabelle card can be found in chara parfait the Japanese magazine. the other 3 can be only found in the “Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival ” Bundle with 2 amiibo figures (Isabelle and Digby) and 3 cards (Shown above) :3


Isabelle’s dice number is clearly a one…


Fixed, thanks! 🙂

A. Rose

So in amiibo festival, some mini games require 6 cards like the ones that come with it. How do you get more of those cards? Do the normal amiibo cards work with them?

Johnny LoveFive

yes, normal cards work so you’d have to buy a pack. Outside NA you only get 3 to a pack, lining up perfectly, but in NA you get 6, so you’ll have 3 extra (or use those 6 and keep the AF ones in their package).

Jimmy Boy

Here’s something only for the most rabid collector.
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