VIDEO: A peek at possible upcoming game store DLC in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (including amiibo and game display furniture)

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Users on some forums have discovered a peculiar shop on the Happy Home Network in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer showing what looks to be future game store DLC hidden in the game.

The shop includes a variety of items such as display game systems, game demo kiosks, and even display stands for games and amiibo. Right now these items are not obtainable in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, but it seems a Japanese hacker got ahold of them already somehow.

While we don’t for sure yet, it seems safe to expect these items to be available to everyone through a Special Design Request DLC in the future, perhaps at a Nintendo Zone in a game store.

UPDATE: Nintendo has blocked our original video on YouTube, we have reuploaded to Vimeo here:

To check out the house and items yourself on the Happy Home Network, use the following project number: 0800-7722-052 Alternatively, check out our handy video above and save yourself the hassle of loading up the game!

UPDATE: Nintendo seems to have taken down the original project number, but the shop has since been re-uploaded to the Happy Home Network at the following Project Number: 0391-7722-056 (thanks to _beatrice on Reddit for finding it)

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