Individual Isabelle Animal Crossing amiibo figure release coming soon to North America

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Animal Crossing collectors will soon be able to pick up an Animal Crossing Isabelle amiibo figure in North America without purchasing the complete Animal Crossing: amiibo Featival bundle.

The information comes from a newly uploaded CPSIA certificate on Nintendo of America’s website for the standalone Animal Crossing Isabelle amiibo figure. Essentially, it’s a document certifying that the figure is compliant with all regulations for children’s toys in the United States.

With the release of the certificate on Nintendo’s website, which is required for release of the figure, it’s basically a guarantee that it will see release in North America soon. And if that wasn’t enough, the official amiibo website says that the figure will be¬†exclusive to Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival¬†at launch, implying a standalone release later.


Without any official announcement from Nintendo, it’s hard to say when the figure will be released, but we think a release alongside the second wave of Animal Crossing amiibo figures on January 22nd is a safe bet! Stay tuned for more details soon as we get it.

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