Nintendo Game Store DLC with Claude coming December 1st in Japan to Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

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New Nintendo Game Store DLC has been officially announced by Nintendo for release in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer next month. We previously reported on a leak of this content before.

The new content¬†features brand new items in a theme resembling what you’d find in a game store full of Nintendo products including game and amiibo shelves, game demos, and system model displays.

As with all special design requests in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, the new content is brought to you by a new character requesting a home. This time Claude is returning from the original Animal Crossing games on Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Gamecube. He hasn’t been seen in an Animal Crossing since then!


We actually spotted Claude in the game’s files a few months ago and speculated on his return in Happy Home Designer. Alongside Claude were three more characters, including Louie and Carrie which have already been released. That leaves Maddie as everything but confirmed to be released in a future DLC release soon, potentially in January.

This DLC is scheduled to be released in Japan through SpotPass on December 1st until January 4th, but there’s no official announcement for this content reaching North America and Europe yet. In the meantime though, you may want to make sure you don’t miss out on the Monster Hunter Felyne DLC as it will likely disappear when the Game Store Claude DLC is released.

Get a look at all of the Nintendo Game Store items, plus Claude’s picture, coming with the DLC below:


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