Animal Crossing amiibo cards Series Four hitting Japan in March

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Nintendo has announced the fourth and final series of Animal Crossing amiibo cards for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

Launching in Japan on March 24th, we expect the fourth series to contain another 100 amiibo cards just like the previous series. No details have been announced yet aside from the three cards and packaging seen above.

If the packaging for previous series is any indication though, we can make some assumptions of the special characters found in the fourth series. Celeste, Brewster, Zipper T. Bunny, Katrina, Phineas, Gulliver, Gracie, and more can all be seen on the packaging.

Much like the previous series, it would seem that a number of repeats will be included in this series. Isabelle, Crazy Redd, Lottie, Shrunk, Timmy, and Tommy can all be spotted on the packaging as well and were featured in previous cards as different outfits.

Meanwhile overseas, Series Three has yet to see a release but is scheduled to launch in March for North America with no word on Europe. Series Two is set to arrive too in North America tomorrow, January 22nd alongside the latest four amiibo figures. Pre-order now at Amazon US and Amazon Canada.

Check out today’s other Animal Crossing amiibo news with the announcement of four new figures coming worldwide in March.

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Michèle AnimalCrosser

wow. this most be amazing. But I hope on the list on the Japanese site :O When they show the series cards. And I wanna know when we in Europe get series 3. looks so bad. That we now are the last one that become Series 3 🙁 America in March , well Japan have 4. And we haven’t series 3 yet :O

Wes Chartrand

best npc list so far if it’s correct. The last few had a few good ones. But Pave , Bunny, Brewster, Gracie, Phineas, Gulliver , Katrina? They really loaded up! I’m kinda upset about the triples of Isabelle they could have used another NPC! Maybe Lloid the gyroid who manages public works? I mean poor thing sits out all day waiting for donations that rarely come. Also the snowman family haha


LOL ANOTHER Isabelle! Thats 5 total!!

Johnny LoveFive

like no one could see it coming after how much she dominated surveys in Animal Crossing Plaza… She’s also getting a second figure, and I just hope they don’t release every figure that’s also a card just because it’s another outfit. We’ll see though…