The Louie Super Mario Bros DLC has returned worldwide, download now if you missed out before

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Following the previous Japanese announcement, the Louie Super Mario Bros DLC has now returned to both North America and Europe through SpotPass or Nintendo Zone hotspots.

This DLC features the Mario series of furniture to celebrate the 30th anniversary last year alongside the returning Louie villager from the original Animal Crossing game on the Nintendo GameCube. Some of the Mario series items are available through other villagers in Happy Home Designer, but not the entire set.

If you missed it when it was first distributed near the game’s launch in September/October 2015, now’s your chance! Players who may have restarted their game since then will appreciate the return of Louie as well.

Based onĀ previous information, we still expect Maddie to be announced as DLC in the near future as she is in a complete state and ready to release. Further villagers are speculated afterwards, but their data is not as complete and may not release without a software update soon.

To get Louie and his exclusive items in your own copy of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, head to the second floor of Nook’s Homes and interact with the Nintendo 3DS model on the desk to search for available special requests. The DLC is scheduled to be available until February 7th via SpotPass and January 31st via Nintendo Zone in North America. Dates for Europe are unknown.

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