New exclusive K.K. Slider amiibo card available in Japanese Pikopuri Magazine

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A new promotional amiibo card for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has been revealed as a follow-up to the previous Isabelle card released back in August through Character Parfait!

Copies of the April – June 2016 issue of the Japanese magazine Pikopuri (or ぴこぷり) releasing later this week are packaged with an assortment of Animal Crossing goodies, but most importantly an exclusive promotional K.K. Slider amiibo card! Similar to the Isabelle card before, the new card will function incidentally to the original, but features a unique pose of the musician with his guitar in its case on his back.

The other fun Animal Crossing extras packaged with the issue seem to include an Animal Crossing amiibo card album, a design book, a poster, and a sticker pack of some sort. You may want to research the specifics yourself though if you’re considering a purchase — we’re taking some guesses here.

Photos of the magazine and the included Animal Crossing goodies are below:

Interested importers can purchase a copy of the issue including the K.K. Slider amiibo card for 907 yen (as of publishing) from Amazon Japan! International shipping is available and will cost you about the same.

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