Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp v1.0.2 released with time rotation changes and bug fixes

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Nintendo just released an update this morning for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp bringing the game up to version number 1.0.2. The update is now available to download in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

The main adjustment made with the v1.0.2 update is a small change to how the game’s new day and villager refreshes occur. Previously, a new day began in Pocket Camp right on the dot at 6:00AM UTC every time without delay. With the change, scheduled refreshes will now occur up to ten minutes delayed in an effort to help reduce server load from all players loading the refresh at the same time.

In Nintendo’s example, they reference the new day reset and the 3 hour movement of villagers around the map as being affected. We don’t know yet if this affects the inventory changes at Marketplace or anything else. So just be aware that refreshes in the game may not be instant anymore and you’ll have to wait up to ten extra minutes sometimes!

For full details, here’s the official notice from Nintendo:

Thank you for playing the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game.

In order to reduce the load on the server, we have adjusted the timing of some in-game features, such as the daily Log-In Bonus and the movement of animals on the map. For example:

Cutoff time for the daily Log-In Bonus:
Before: approximately 06:00 (UTC)
After: between approximately 06:00 and 06:10 (UTC)

Movement of animals on the map:
Before: after approximately 3 hours have passed
After: after approximately 3 hours to 3 hours and 10 minutes have passed
Note: Though the time until a particular animal moves will still be displayed on the map, this time will now be updated regularly. Furthermore, it may take a little while for changes to be reflected.

We will continue to investigate other potential solutions to the server issue.

We hope that you continue to enjoy Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

Bug fixes are reportedly included in this new version as well, but we don’t have any details on specifics. There may be new upcoming content hidden in the update for the future and we’ll be digging for that soon to cover in a future article. EDIT: Turns out there’s plenty of hidden content, check out our article here detailing the findings.

Make sure to keep your Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp app up to date with auto-updates if possible as this new version is already required to log-in to the game.

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