Antonio, Bluebear, Phoebe, Raddle released for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, plus Host The Most event

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The first four new villagers since the original release of the game have landed in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp alongside a new minor event with friendship boost and rewards!

Those newly introduced campers areĀ Antonio, Bluebear, Phoebe, and Raddle. Bluebear is a Cute type, Antonio is a Sporty type, and Phoebe and Raddle are Cool type villagers. As for what primary material you can expect to collect from them; Phoebe is Steel, while Antonio, Bluebear, and Raddle are all Wood. Say a prayer for the Cotton lovers out there…

Wondering how you can unlock these new villagers to complete requests for them? From what we can tell so far, the new campers do have level unlock requirements attached to them like other animals previously did, but if you have already leveled far enough they will be automatically unlocked retroactively. Check your Contacts list to see who you have unlocked!

In addition to the new villagers released, a new event called the Host the Most Initiative begins today! From December 5th to December 12th at 10PM PST, you can earn extra friendship points when completing requests to help you level up faster. From our research so far, one bonus point is added to every request reward over the normal amount. This amounts to 3 points for regular requests, and 4 points for ‘rare’ requests like a Red Snapper.

There are four new Timed Goals available during the Host the Most Initiative event rewarding you for inviting up to 4 new villagers to your campsite. These are presumably targeted to encourage inviting the new ones added today, but you can complete these goals with any of the original 40 villagers too if you haven’t invited them previously. Here are the goals and their associated rewards:

  • Host an animal at your campsite: 10 Leaf Tickets
  • Host 2 animal(s) at your campsite: 6 Request Tickets
  • Host 3 animal(s) at your campsite: 3 Calling Cards
  • Host 4 animal(s) at your campsite: 20 Leaf Tickets

Don’t wait too long to complete these new Timed Goals though — they’re expected to end at 10PM PST on December 12th when the friendship bonus event ends. No sense missing out on some free Leaf Tickets!

Are these four new villagers not enough for you? More are on the way soon and already exist in the game files — check out our datamine article from last month detailing even more new campers!

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