Upcoming flower gardening feature teased for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, more details here

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Nintendo teased yet another new upcoming feature to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp yesterday. This time they’re showing off a flower garden of some kind!

According to a rough translation of the teaser on Twitter, preparations are being made for a new place at the campground in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with blooming flowers. Presumably there will be rewards attached to growing flowers as it seems rather pointless to grow them in an area shoved off to the side otherwise.


We have more information on this than just the official tweet yesterday from Nintendo though — the flower gardening feature was actually briefly shown in the Animal Crossing Mobile Direct announcing the game back in October! Here’s a screenshot below of the larger glimpse from that video:

In addition, Critical.gg discovered plenty of code detailing flower features in their datamine all the way back in late October when the game first launched in Australia. We didn’t report on it at the time since there weren’t many images to back it up, but it’s pretty safe to figure that there’s a related connection between Nintendo’s tease today and the datamined code.

Here’s what they found at the time:

  • Plants!
    • Can be planted, need to be watered, have a state attached to them
  • Seed, Fertilizer and Flower!
    • In order to have plants, Seeds have to be used and fertilized
  • Soil has different states
    • Normal
    • Dry
    • Withered
  • Animals populate the garden and can be catched
  • Buds, Branches and Plant Genes references are everywhere, but their use is still inconclusive
    • It’s possible that a form of “plant breeding” will be available once the Garden goes live, as plants have Gene 1 and Gene 2 properties

We are not sure where the Garden will be located, but our best guess is at the campsite.

There are hints that many of the Garden related items will be purchasable, there references to other players visiting the garden, leaving footprints and more, but let’s keep this info under speculation category for now.

As to when we can expect to discover this new garden content inside of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the recent trend of announcements would point to a release very soon within the next week or so. However on the flipside, this seems like an odd feature to be introducing just as the season flips over to winter and so much other content being released right now between the Holiday event, the new villagers, and the upcoming New Year’s event.