Pick up three premium Fortune Cookies for free in Pocket Camp’s Summertime Bug Catching

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A small new bug-catching event has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp this week featuring an amazing set of prizes with Summertime Bug Catching!

All you have to do during this event is head over to the Sunburst Island and get to work on catching specific beetles to complete Event Goals. When you complete some of the goals, you’ll receive the excellent prize of free premium Fortune Cookies!

One of each of the following prizes can be earned completely free from the Summertime Bug Catching goals:

  • Bluebear’s Party Cookie
  • Julian’s Stardust Cookie
  • Bunnie’s Li’l Red Cookie

In addition to the personal goals for fortune cookies, Nintendo is hosting a worldwide challenge to collect as many¬†Horned Dynastids as humanly possible. If the entire worldwide player base of Pocket Camp can reach over 3 million¬†Horned Dynastids caught during the event, the company will distribute 50 free Leaf tickets to everyone! That’s enough to purchase a fourth cookie.


Login to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and start catching bugs starting today until August 29th at 11PM Pacific Time to take advantage of these great prizes. For a full list of prizes and exactly which creatures to hunt, check out our complete guide to the Summertime Bug Catching event here.

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