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Summertime Beetle Bug Catching Complete Event Guide

The Summertime Bug Catching event has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android! It runs from August 23rd, 2018 to August 29th, 2018. Learn how to catch beetles to complete event goals for FREE Fortune Cookies in our complete guide!

How to Find & Catch Beetles

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In this event, the goal is about as simple as it can possibly get! Just head over to the Sunburst Island location frequently, the only location where bugs spawn, and scout the area for beetles to catch. When you see one, walk up to the bug, but not too close. Then tap the bug to have your character slowly approach it… and tap the screen when the Tap indicator appears!

There are three specific bugs you’ll need to be on the look out for to catch during the Summertime Bug Catching event for rewards: The common Fruit Beetle, the uncommon Horned Dynastid, and the rare Goliath Beetle! Take a look at their appearance below left to right and bank it in your memory.

Luckily, the spawn rates for the following four creatures have been temporarily increased during the event to help you complete the challenges:

  • Horned Dynastid
  • Goliath Beetle
  • Miyama Stag
  • Cyclommatus Stag

Complete Event Goals for FREE Fortune Cookies and Leaf Tickets

This event features some of the most generous rewards ever in an Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp event! There are three rare Fortune Cookies available for free, including the just-released Bunnie’s Li’l Red Cookie, plus 20 Leaf Tickets for good measure. Some villager treats and honey are available too, but that’s nothing compared to the big prizes!

Note that goals are available in sets, one at a time, with an overall bonus reward for completing each set.

Here’s all of the goals available in Summertime Bug Catching with set bonus rewards highlighted in bold:

Catch 1 Fruit BeetleHoney
Catch 5 Fruit Beetles5000 Bells
Catch 10 Fruit Beetles10000 Bells
Catch 1 Horned DynastidHoney
Catch 3 Horned Dynastids3 Plain Chocolate Bars
Complete all 5 of the above goals (Set 1)
Bluebear's Party Cookie
Catch 20 Fruit Beetles10 Leaf Tickets
Catch 5 Horned Dynastids3 Plain Lollipops
Catch 10 Horned Dynastids10 Leaf Tickets
Catch 1 Goliath Battle3 Plain Pound Cakes
Catch 2 Goliath BattlesGourmet Waffle
Complete 3/5 of the above goals (Set 2)
Julian's Stardust Cookie
Complete all 5 of the above goals (Set 2)
Bunnie's Li'l Red Cookie

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Using Honey or Beetle Honey to Cheat Bug Catching

If you’re feeling lazy or desperate, you can use the Honey or Beetle Honey at the tree stump near the top of Sunburst Island to cheat your beetle catching without putting in the time or effort. We don’t recommend it for the most part as this event’s goals are not difficult at all if you have any decent time, although if you have some honey already from free bonuses (including the Event Goals!), it can’t hurt.

Regular Honey can be obtained for free through daily logins and other bonuses (you probably have some already!) but isn’t particularly useful, you’re not guaranteed anything and may just get butterflies or other useless bugs.

Beetle Honey costs 15 Leaf Tickets and can be quite useful as it guarantees both a Fruit Beetle and a Horned Dynastid every time, but there’s only a 0.24% chance of catching a Goliath Beetle.

Be aware that the total value of this event’s rewards is 170 Leaf Tickets, so be sure not to exceed that on purchasing honey!

Challenge: All Together Now…Horned Dynastid

During this event, Nintendo is running a special challenge with the opportunity for everyone to win 50 free Leaf Tickets! The company will be tracking the number of Horned Dynastids caught by all players worldwide. If the tally of Horned Dynastids caught exceeds 3 million by the end of the Summertime Bug Catching event, Nintendo will gift 50 Leaf Tickets to everyone! Stay tuned to the official Animal Crossing Twitter account for updates.

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