RUMOR: Two ‘insiders’ with reputable history hint at Animal Crossing news in today’s Nintendo Direct

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In advance of the Nintendo Direct broadcasting later today on Thursday afternoon, two ‘insiders’ with past accurate hits on Nintendo news have shared hints teasing an Animal Crossing announcement.

We generally refrain from posting about rumors unless they have some fairly credible source behind them — for example, we don’t touch the typical dime-a-dozen “rumors” from 4chan or Reddit. However, one of the sources in this case is a well-known journalist with a credible multi-year history and the other poster has a short, yet still solid record. We’ll tell you what they said and what they’ve correctly predicted in the past to let you judge for yourself.

Tom Phillips, News Editor at well-known gaming website Eurogamer tweeted Wednesday morning about the Nintendo Direct reannouncement with the caption “I’ll be crossing off the hours!”, leading some to believe it’s a not-so-subtle hint towards an Animal Crossing reveal in the presentation. While it’s not completely direct, it’s sure some strange phrasing to use ‘crossing’ instead of many other more likely words.

As for the credibly of the source, Tom has a long history of breaking news of Nintendo reveals in advance at Eurogamer, including most recently the porting of Blizzard’s Diablo 3 to Nintendo Switch. Other past hits include detailed overview of the Nintendo Switch system itself months before the first announcement and specifics on its screen.

The second source is King Zell from popular gaming forum ResetEra, definitely not as strong of a source, but he has a good history as of late. On the topic of Animal Crossing, they posted late on Tuesday night the following: “well, i heard that tomorrow maybe the day and we might see some Animals!!! but am not sure”. This was before the Direct was officially rescheduled, but the new date could be easily predicted.

In regard to King Zell’s recent track record, he made a series of correct postings on the Pokemon game announcements this spring including that “its not a single game event”, “i think people should lower there hype “this year” and start the hype in 2019 … lets start the clock“, and “i didnt say nothing is coming out this year, actually 2 Pokemon games for the switch coming this year, but next year is more exciting 😉“. These were spot-on with the release of Let’s Go Pokemon games in 2018, with a further hardcore RPG announced for 2019.

He also predicted the specific timing of the Pokemon event itself hours in advance. Furthermore, King Zell hinted back in January at the port of The World Ends With You to Nintendo Switch one hour before the Direct announcing the port began.

It’s worth nothing that all of this could be some other Animal Crossing related announcement other than the obvious Nintendo Switch game everyone would like to see. Another spin-off title, a Pocket Camp port, or even Animal Crossing Gamecube on Virtual Console? The sky is the limit.

Again, we typically avoid posting about this sort of information as it usually amounts to absolutely nothing, but we thought these two sources had enough of a track record to be worth thinking about. Catch the Nintendo Direct later today at 3PM Pacific Time / 6PM Eastern Time to find out what happens!

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