Catch golden fish in Fishing Tourney #8 celebrating Pocket Camp’s first anniversary

The final event of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s first anniversary celebration begins today with Fishing Tourney #8!

The fishing tournament event takes place at the Saltwater Shores ocean beach this time around with four golden fish ready to be caught. Throughout the week, login to Pocket Camp every day and use your fishing rod to catch a nice haul of golden tourney fish in the ocean!

After you’ve caught some tourney fish, return your fresh catches to Chip to enjoy first anniversary party furniture rewards for reaching milestone goals during the event.

Here’s all of the exclusive event prizes you can grab during Fishing Tourney #8, as seen in the photo above:

  • Fruit-Punch Dispenser
  • Lemonade Dispenser
  • Cheese Fondue
  • Chocolate Fondue
  • Silver Dessert Buffet
  • Gold Dessert Buffet

In addition to the main prizes above, you can pick up plenty of bonus essences between the exclusive items. And don’t miss out on the Chip Challenges for the opportunity to grab 40 free Leaf Tickets and some villager treats!

For a closer look at the event, check out our complete Fishing Tourney #8 guide for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with everything you need to know! Fishing Tourney #8 ends on Monday, November 26th at 10PM Pacific Time — don’t delay!

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