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First Anniversary Fishing Tourney #8 Event Guide

The sixth Fishing Tourney event, part of the First Anniversary seasonal event, has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android! It runs from November 21st to November 26th, 2018. Learn how to catch tournament fish, win party furniture, and claim free Leaf Tickets in our complete guide!

How to Catch Fishing Tourney Fish

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In this tournament event, travel to the Saltwater Shores location in the bottom-right of your map and meet the NPC Chip when he welcomes you on your first arrival to the ocean. After beginning the event by speaking with him, just start fishing in the nearby river by throwing your fishing rod towards sparkling shadows in the water. Those sparkles indicate a tourney fish ready to catch!

For Fishing Tourney #8, there are four special golden tournament fish to catch during the event: Gold Football Fish, Gold Olive Flounder, Gold Tuna, and Gold Horse Mackerel. You’ll always catch one of these fish when you go after a sparkling shadow in the water.

Unfortunately, the special sparkling tourney fish are only available in limited batches before they disappear until the next spawn time. After catching about seven of these fish, a notice will pop-up indicating there are no more left to catch right now. Thankfully, the re-spawn is directly tied to the 3-hour villager cycle meaning that every time villagers cycle around the map to new locations, there will be new tourney fish to catch!

For an extra boost to your fishing prospects, don’t forget to take the time to speak to your villagers at the campsite fairly often. They can offer you bonus tourney fish as gifts when speaking to them. This is a great extra method to progress and happens during interactions where they share materials or bells with you!

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Win First Anniversary Party Furniture

After catching all of the special tourney fish available in the ocean, head over to Chip north of the dock and talk to him to collect your rewards. Chip will ‘assess’ your inventory of tournament fish and add up the measurements to your total-size goal. Then you’ll receive prizes according to your total-size goal milestones reached so far!

Here’s the full list of the special event prizes you can win during Fishing Tourney #8 and how to unlock them:

Wood Fish TrophyReach total-size goal of 10cm.
Fruit-Punch DispenserReach total-size goals between 250cm-1000cm, or 5600cm-7200cm, or catch 25 Gold Horse Mackerel at least 21cm.
Bronze Fish TrophyReach total-size goal of 1200cm.
Lemonade DispenserReach total-size goals between 1300cm-2200cm, or 7600cm-9200cm, or catch 10 Gold Football Fish at least 53cm.
Cheese FondueReach total-size goals between 2500cm-3700cm or 5600cm-7200cm.
Chocolate FondueReach total-size goals between 4000cm-5200cm or 7600cm-9200cm.
Silver Fish TrophyReach total-size goal of 5500cm.
Silver Dessert BuffetReach total-size goals between 5600cm-7200cm.
Gold Dessert BuffetReach total-size goals between 7600cm-9200cm.
Gold Fish TrophyReach total-size goal of 9500cm.

In addition to the prizes above, Chip will give you up to 30 First-Anniversary Candles by completing filler goals before the Gold Trophy. Collect First-Anniversary Candles for progress towards the First Anniversary Seasonal Event in November.

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Chip Challenges: Free Leaf Tickets and Throw Nets!

For even more prizes, be sure to check out the Chip Challenges — they’re the Event Goals for Fishing Tourney #8 and are a great way to earn bonus rewards! The highlight is a total of 40 free Leaf Tickets available if you complete all the relevant challenges. Other rewards include free tourney throw nets to help you complete the event and duplicates of a couple furniture items.

Here’s the full list of Chip Challenges available to complete during Fishing Tourney #8 and their associated rewards:

Catch 1 Gold Tuna10 Leaf Tickets
Catch 200 Gold Horse Mackerel5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 50 Gold Horse Mackerel at least 21cm5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 60 Gold Football Fish5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 20 Gold Football Fish at least 53cm5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 15 Gold Olive Flounder5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 5 Gold Olive Flounder at least 85cm5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 25 Gold Horse Mackerel at least 21cmFruit-Punch Dispenser
Catch 10 Gold Football Fish at least 53cmLemonade Dispenser
Catch 10 Gold Horse MackerelTourney Throw Net
Catch 20 Gold Football FishTourney Throw Net

Complete the Fishing Tourney Easier and Faster with the Golden Rod

If you don’t have much time to play and want to be sure to get all of the items from this event, there’s another option. For 80 Leaf Tickets, you can purchase the Golden Rod from Chip to guarantee double catches for all of your tourney fishing for the duration of the event.

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With the regular silver fishing rod, there’s only a small chance of about 13% for catching two fish at once. This means you have the chance to make almost twice as much fishing progress with the Golden Rod in the same amount of time.

Generally, we don’t consider it necessary to purchase the Golden Rod to obtain all of the rewards assuming you are an active player. We can consider being an active player to be someone participating in around four fishing cycles every single day during the event. If you don’t have as much time to play though, you may find the Golden Rod to be worth purchasing!

Unlike some past Fishing Tourney events in Pocket Camp, there are no exclusive prizes after the Gold Fish Trophy this time around.

Is the Golden Rod Worth It and Do You Need It?

Ultimately, we don’t recommend purchasing the Golden Rod unless you won’t be able to consistently play a few cycles each day. You can expect to get everything else using the regular silver rod if you’re actively playing every day.

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