Blathers’s Treasure Trek, Pete’s Parcel Service, new exotic fruits, and more in Pocket Camp version 2.1

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A few months after the last large update adding the Cabin feature, the Version 2.1 update of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is here bringing more big new features and improvements!

The most notable new feature in today’s update is Blathers’s Treasure Trek, a new mini-game inside Pocket Camp where you roll a die on a map resembling a board game. Some treasure maps will reward bells or crafting materials and extra special maps will invite brand new villagers to your campsite!

Rolling the die on these Blathers’s treasure maps will come at a cost of bells or crafting materials, so it’s a great way to spend if you’ve got a big stash piled up. We’re looking at you Mr. 5 Million Bells!

The other big feature added in this update is Pete’s Parcel Service, another improvement in speeding up the grindy process of leveling up villagers. After speeding up text dialogue and adding a skip cut-scene option, you can now use Pete to complete villager requests from a single menu without visiting their location.

It’s a bit lame in comparison to actually speaking to your villagers, but it’s only an option and the original method remains if you prefer it. Certainly this new feature will be welcome to those who have already put hundreds of hours into Pocket Camp.

Another new addition to Pocket Camp that has implications for future Animal Crossing games is three new exotic fruit! Lemons, lychees, and grapes are now in the game and each player will get a random pick of the three growing on their trees.

Lemons and lychees were previously in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but grapes are completely fresh to the series! They’re definitely a shoe-in for Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch now.

Other smaller improvements in Version 2.1 of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp include:

  • The maximum friendship level for villagers has increased from 25 to 30.
  • Big improvements to gardening events have been made, including seeing which creatures your friends need to complete tasks and sharing in batches.
  • Camera controls in the campsite, cabin, and camper have been updated.

As always, Nintendo has provided 20 free Leaf Tickets to all players as a gift for the maintenance period accommodating the update. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp version 2.1 is available now in the App Store and Google Play.

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