New Lottie’s Happy Homeroom feature, terrain, and other improvements arrive in Pocket Camp version 2.2

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Following up on last month’s massive update adding Blathers’s Treasure Trek and Pete’s Delivery Service, the Version 2.2 update of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is here bringing another big new feature and modest improvements!

The highlight of today’s update is the Happy Homeroom, a new feature hosted by Lottie inside Pocket Camp where you can attend interior design classes completing villager’s houses with their favorite furniture.

Completing these classes will have you evaluated by a panel of character judges assessing how closely you matched the villager’s desired themes. The better matching, the more points you’ll get! Rack up enough points and you’ll pass medal milestones earning one, two, or three medals for the class depending on your performance.

Earn enough medals to increase your Happy Homeroom Rank earning HH Materials and other rewards! Using the materials you can craft new Golden Series furniture, although for a hefty bell cost. Just like Blathers’s Treasure Trek, this will be a great way for those with millions of bells to burn some finally.

Unfortunately, the classes at the Happy Homeroom are time-gated requiring HH Vouchers to play with them only replenishing every 24 hours unless you pay up with some Leaf Tickets.

In addition to the main new Happy Homeroom feature, another small change to the map has been made adding the Fortune Cookie Shop as a standalone location. It’s just a shortcut though, the shop can still be accessed through the Marketplace too. This will make it much easier to check your daily cookies though!

There’s new premium Fairy Forest terrain and Spring into Style clothing available to purchase with this update too for Leaf Tickets.

And we’ve also discovered some new upcoming event content inside this update. The next event will be the Viva Festivale with Pave gardening event, followed shortly by Diana’s Fay Cookie! Later in the month will come another Super Mario crossover event possibly including a Mario-themed Fishing Tourney.

All of this will take place during the Shamrock Shimmy seasonal event. Check out the preview banners below!

Finally, a couple more small improvements in Version 2.2 of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp include:

  • All pages of goals can now be browsed from the start of them.
  • An entire page of goal rewards can now be collected at once.
  • Some bugs and glitches have been fixed, including incorrect creature sharing notifications.

Just like they always do, Nintendo has sent 20 free Leaf Tickets to all players as a gift for the maintenance period accommodating the update! Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp version 2.2 is available now in the App Store and Google Play.

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