Diana’s Fay Cookie brings fantastical fairy flower items to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

A beautiful new fortune cookie has landed in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp today bringing a fresh batch of fairy flower items to the game!

Diana’s Fay Cookie is a new set of fairy flower-themed items perfect for the spring season including a fairy jar, giant daises, giant dandelions, giant grass, and a leaf umbrella. As for clothing, the daisy dress and daisy harpin will match great together. This cookie’s items seem specifically designed to go well with the just-released Fairy Forest terrain too.

The five-star spotlight item for Diana’s Fay Cookie is the Giant Fairy Flowers, a massive mega flower in your campsite that villagers can bounce, spin, and fly around! Check out the fun animations for the Giant Fairy Flowers item in the GIF below:

One other noteworthy aspect of this cookie is the Fairy Wings item, which seems to be a new type of wing accessory that can be equipped on the back of your character and villagers! This marks a brand new item type for both Pocket Camp and the Animal Crossing series as a whole. We really hope to see this come to Animal Crossing for Switch too!

Like all other fortune cookies in Pocket Camp, a single cookie can be purchased for 50 Leaf Tickets and a pack of five with an extra stamp for 250 Leaf Tickets. It’s available starting today  throughout the spring season until May 29th.

Here’s a full list of the exclusive items found in Diana’s Fay Cookie:

  • giant fairy flowers (5-star)
  • fairy jar (4-star)
  • giant dandelions (4-star)
  • fairy wings (4-star)
  • giant daisies (3-star)
  • giant sweet peas (3-star)
  • leaf umbrella (3-star)
  • giant grass (3-star)
  • daisy hairpin (3-star)
  • daisy dress (3-star)

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