Blathers’s Desk arrives and Celeste’s Telescope returns in Pocket Camp

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A brand new special furniture item has arrived and an old one from the past has returned in today’s update to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

The Blathers’s Desk special furniture item brings the beloved owl character Blathers to your campsite alongside his elegant desk filled with piles of books, a lamp, and a rotating orbital decoration.

The returning Celeste’s Telescope special furniture has Blathers’s pink sister Celeste visit your campsite with her very own telescope from the Observatory she ran in some past Animal Crossing games! This item was last available in May last year.

Both of these special furniture items cost 300 Leaf Tickets each to craft. Blathers’s Desk will available until October 24th, while Celeste’s Telescope can be crafted until September 15th!

New Lottie’s Moving Up classes in the Happy Homeroom were recently added to Pocket Camp as well, featuring a new type of class that doesn’t recommend Flawless items for the best points.

You’ll have to look at what items are surrounding an item slot, and the general theme of the class. Or… you could consult our new Lottie’s Moving Up Classes Guide with all of the Flawless items you’ll need, plus some Good-Eye suggestions!

Two new sets of limited-time Go for the Goals and Lottie’s Moving Up goals are available too with free Leaf Tickets, Reissue Material, and Sparkle Stones for the next two weeks.

Will you be getting either of these two special furniture items released today? Let us know in the comments below what you think of them!

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