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Lottie’s Moving Up Classes NEW NOV 2019: Flawless and Good-Eye Items, Tips & Tricks

The latest Lottie’s Moving Up classes are here in the Happy Homeroom for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on iOS and Android! Learn how to get the best score possible by using our guide of Flawless and Good-Eye item suggestions for each class and reading our tips & tricks.

This guide has been updated with the new Lottie’s Moving Up classes just released in November 2019 — scroll down to find all of the flawless items you need!

Lottie’s Moving Up is a new series of special event classes that don’t give you a revealed list of Recommended Flawless Items required for the class. Instead, it’s a mystery before starting the class and you’ll need to figure it out yourself once you’ve begun.

If you’ve having trouble, don’t worry because we have you covered in this guide! We have listed every Flawless item used in the classes released so far, plus a selection of some helpful Good-Eye items we’ve discovered that could be useful if you can’t get the Flawless item. Find the list of items you need by scrolling down below to the class you’re currently working on.

Lottie’s Moving Up Tips & Tricks

Even though Nintendo doesn’t explicitly tell us the items, many of the Flawless items for Lottie’s Moving Up are quite obvious from a thoughtful glance. The surrounding items near the item and the general theme of the class are both very strong hints for what items you might need.

For example in one class, there’s an item slot surrounded by two hedge items. You guessed it — the Flawless item here is another Hedge! In another class, there’s three item slots surrounded by other gym items. No surprise here either, the Flawless items are all gym items, although you need to do some testing to find out which one.

The Flawless items we list below for each Lottie’s Moving Up class will guarantee you a Flawless rating for the item slot, which is the best way to guarantee all three medals in a class. However, what if you just aren’t able to craft or unlock the item listed for whatever reason? It happens sometimes!

The item might unlocked by a villager you haven’t yet discovered or complete their map. Or crafting the item requires a large amount of crafting materials that you don’t have right now. Thankfully, it’s not a lost cause even in these situations.

First of all, you don’t need to get all three medals to pass a class and move on to the next one. Sometimes it might be best to just take a ‘passing grade’ for now and come back to it later to improve your score for more medals. As long as you can get enough points to earn the first medal, that’s enough to pass the class!

Secondly, it’s important to understand the ‘Good-Eye’ system too. While Flawless is the rating we always aim for, there’s another ‘Good-Eye’ rating that you can get sometimes with different items than the official flawless items. There’s no way to know exactly ahead of time what items will qualify as Good-Eye for a class, but we have a trick for that too.

When you select an item to place in a class, it’s not actually saved as your final choice until you place the last item and confirm your choices. This means when you place an item and don’t get either a Flawless or Good-Eye rating, you can actually repeatedly go back and replace the item by trying another option until you have exhausted all your possible item choices or get lucky with finding a Good-Eye item!

This won’t always end in success if you just don’t happen to have the right items or the game won’t surface the right Good-Eye item near the top of your list, but it’s definitely worth a try if you’re reaching to complete a class without all the Flawless items. This is one time where trial and error can get you very far!

For your convenience, we’ve listed some helpful Good-Eye items that we discovered for each class below too. But it’s impossible for us to know every possible Good-Eye item out there for every class, so definitely try your own discoveries using the trick we just covered. And if you find a good one that you think might be useful to other players, please share it with everyone in the comments below!

Below you will find a complete list of the latest new Lottie’s Moving Up classes released in November 2019, with every Flawless item and a selection of possible Good-Eye items too:

Lottie’s Secret Exhibit Items

Flawless Items

  • Rope Partition (Unlock: Naomi or Egbert)
  • Exhibit Partition (Unlock: Naomi)

Good-Eye Items

  • IV Drip
  • Bathroom Stall
  • Tall Display Case
  • Billiard Table
  • Coin Locker

Lottie’s Cozy Class Items

Flawless Items

  • Zen Desk (Unlock: Robin)
  • Zen Cushion (Unlock: Curt)

Good-Eye Items

  • Rocking Chair

Find any more suitable Good-Eye suggestions for this class? Please let us know in the comments below!

Lottie’s Lovely Autumn Items

Flawless Items

  • Log Fence (Unlock: Ava)
  • Wooden Bucket (Unlock: Maggie)
  • Metal Bench (Unlock: Hamlet)

Good-Eye Items

  • Hydrangea Hedge
  • Giant Daisies
  • Leaf Umbrella
  • Witchy Streetlight
  • Ribbit Puddle
  • Garden Path
  • Greenhouse Box
  • Red-Brick Path
  • Hydrangea Tricycle

Lottie’s Fitness Field Items

Flawless Items

  • Folding Chair (Unlock: Bam, Gaston, or Tom)
  • Hurdle (Unlock: Bam)
  • Green Net (Unlock: Hamlet)
  • Handwashing Area
  • First-Aid Kit (Unlock: Hans)

Good-Eye Items

  • Skateboard Rack
  • Exercise Ball
  • Summer Beach Table
  • Space Shuttle
  • Summer Beach Bed

Lottie’s Creepy Study Items

Flawless Items

  • Rococo Shelf (Unlock: Muffy)
  • Creepy Skeleton (Unlock: Lucky)
  • Fancy Tea Set (Unlock: Tia)
  • Creepy Statue (Unlock: Lucky)
  • Rococo Chair (Unlock: Diva)

Good-Eye Items

  • Decorative Plate
  • Handbag
  • Ring
  • Trunk
  • Boston Bag
  • Ethereal Chair
  • Grandiose Chair
  • Soda Cinema Seat

That’s all of the new Lottie’s Moving Up classes released for November 2019! They can be completed until November 21st at 10PM Pacific Time before they disappear.

Looking for a list of Recommended Items for the regular Happy Homeroom classes including the latest Course 13? Check out our Happy Homeroom: Recommended Flawless Items for All Classes guide here!

Below you can find archived information for the first edition of these special classes released in August 2019. These classes can no longer be completed though.

Lottie’s Beauty Parlor Items

Flawless Items

  • Violet Screen (Unlock: Muffy)
  • Minimalist Vanity (Unlock: Kidd or Bree)

Good-Eye Items

  • Simple Panel
  • Grandiose Screen (all versions)
  • Hydrangea Hedge

Lottie’s Beach Party Items

Flawless Items

  • Beach Table (Unlock: Bud)
  • Hammock

Good-Eye Items

  • Ribbit Puddle, Leaf Umbrella, Hamster Igloo, Giant Daisies, Summer Beach Table
  • Hydrangea Tricycle, Summer Beach Bed, Red Brick Path, Summer Beach Table, Garden Path, Hamster Igloo, Greenhouse Box

Lottie’s Open-Air Cafe Items

Flawless Items

  • Bistro Table (Unlock: Mitzi)
  • Yellow or Red Potted Pansies (Trade: 10 Yellow or Red Pansies at Garden)
  • Hedge (Unlock: Butch)

Good-Eye Items

  • Wood Display Stand, Cotton Candy Stall, Slightly Used Goods, Pastry Shop Counter, Cinnamoroll Sign
  • Tulip Arrangement, Hello Kitty Planter
  • Hydrangea Hedge, Pop-Star Neon Panel, Pastry Shop Screen

Lottie’s Fitness Center Items

Flawless Items

  • Lat Pulldown Machine (Unlock: Pierce)
  • Barbell (Unlock: Pewee)
  • Sleek Table (Unlock: Freya)
  • Treadmill (Unlock: Pierce)

Good-Eye Items

  • Exercise Ball and Skateboard Rack are solid Good-Eye items for all the gym-related slots, so everything besides the Sleek Table.

Lottie’s Island Getaway Items

Flawless Items

  • Log Bench (Unlock: Drake’s Level 15 Special Request)
  • Backpack (Unlock: Rex)
  • Firewood
  • Campfire Cookware (Unlock: Phoebe)
  • Lantern (Unlock: Rex)

Good-Eye Items

  • Try the Summer Beach Bed, Garden Gnome, Snow Machine, Sleeping Bag, and Camp Stove for Good-Eye.

Thanks to Saysha, Blue, Jonah, Norphy, Marissa, Claudia, Dezi, and Anna for helping out in the comments below!

These five Lottie’s Moving Up event classes can be completed until September 8th, 2019. Additionally, there are some helpful Lottie’s Moving Up Goals currently available where you can rewarded with Leaf Tickets for passing the classes and crafting some of the Flawless items!

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