Get sparklers and 100 free Leaf Tickets in Pocket Camp’s Fishing Tourney Fireworks event

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It’s time to put on a fireworks show in our campsites for the summer festival in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with the new Fishing Tourney Fireworks event!

This week’s fishing tournament event takes place at the Lost Lure Creek river with a set of three special tourney river fish waiting to be caught — Goldfish, Pop-Eyed Goldfish, and the Eel.

Throughout the event, login to Pocket Camp every day and use your fishing rod to catch a nice haul of sparkling tourney fish in the ocean.

After you’ve caught a round of tourney fish, return your fresh catches to Chip above the dock to enjoy fireworks themed rewards like sparklers and firework launchers for reaching milestone goals during the event.

Here’s all of the event prizes you can grab during Fishing Tourney Fireworks:

  • fireworks quartet
  • red fireworks launcher
  • blue fireworks launcher
  • red sparklers
  • blue sparklers
  • piggy citronella burner
  • milk-crate seat
  • fireworks headband

You can earn Morning-Glory Fans for this month’s Fan Fair Festivities Seasonal Event too. And in this fishing tourney event, Nintendo is raising the stakes with a total of 100 free Leaf Tickets being given out for completing goals inside the Chip Challenges! There’s never been that many tickets given out for a single event before.

For a closer look at the event, check out our complete Fishing Tourney Fireworks Event guide for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with everything you need to know including whether the Golden Rod is worth purchasing.

The tournament ends on Sunday, August 18th at 11PM Pacific Time, so be sure to start catching those eels as soon as possible!

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