You can play a Japanese demo of Doraemon Story of Seasons right now on any Nintendo Switch

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We saw a lot of excitement for the upcoming Doraemon Story of Seasons coming to North America and Europe later this year when we covered the release date announcement yesterday!

It turns out that if you just can’t wait until October 11th for the full release, there’s an option to help pass the time and check out the game sooner. Right now there’s actually a demo of Doraemon Story of Seasons available for free download on the Japanese eShop!

Thanks to the region-free nature of the Nintendo Switch, you don’t need to own a Japanese Nintendo Switch system to download this. However, you will need to have a Nintendo Account set to the Japan region to access the Japanese Shop.

It’s technically possible to change the region of your existing Nintendo Account in some circumstances, but due to the complications that can come with this, we recommend simply creating a new secondary Nintendo Account on another email and signing up with your Country of Residence set to Japan.

This isn’t difficult to do at all, and once you’ve done so, you can simply add your new Japanese Nintendo Account as a second user on your Nintendo Switch. Anytime you want to download something from the Japanese eShop, just select the new user you made when opening the eShop.

As for finding the Doraemon Story of Seasons playable demo in the eShop, you’ll first want to head to the search menu found in the top left. After that, look for the grid of 4 buttons under the search field and tap the most bottom-left button. This will bring you to a search page of all playable demos available.

Then just scroll down through the list until you spot Doraemon Story of Seasons, which should be pretty easy just going by the thumbnails shown. You can download the demo by tapping the smaller secondary button on the right side of the game’s page, under the larger button for purchasing the full game.

Technically, you can actually choose to purchase the full game using your Japanese Nintendo Account too, but we wouldn’t recommend doing so unless you have a decent understanding of the Japanese language. The official English release of Doraemon Story of Seasons will arrive on October 11th!

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