Animal Crossing: New Horizons briefing session returns at Jump Fiesta tomorrow with photo-ops and prizes

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Look, it’s Tom Nook hard at work setting up the Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package briefing session at Jump Fiesta!

As outlined by Nintendo a couple weeks ago, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons booth from Nintendo Live in October is returning to this weekend’s Jump Fiesta event in Japan. At the booth last time, fans could get a photo-op with select Animal Crossing characters like Isabelle and Tom Nook, in addition to learning about the game through a variety of displays!

There will also be a fun lottery held for participants of the briefing where they can win a special Animal Crossing towel prize if they’re lucky enough. Unfortunately, the actual New Horizons game cannot be played at this event though.

In addition to repeating the booth from Nintendo Live, it’s possible there will be some new information or screenshots released at the Jump Fiesta event, but that’s not been confirmed at this time.

At the last briefing session for Nintendo Live, the company did release this nifty pamphlet that contained a new comic, a few small screenshots, and confirmed more villagers:

If I had to place a bet either way though, I’d probably lean towards there not being any new information at Jump Fiesta beyond what we’ve already seen at Nintendo Live. Nintendo has far better ways of releasing New Horizons media than a relatively minor Japanese event like Jump Fiesta where video games aren’t even the main focus.

That being said, it’s definitely still possible we will see new information released, I just would suggest not to expect it or you may be very disappointed. Whether news comes directly from Jump Fiesta or some other source, it’s surely coming sooner than later as New Horizons marks 3 months from release day today!

Here’s some more photos below of the original event from Nintendo Live if you’re curious and missed our previous coverage before…

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