New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Screenshots — Enhanced + Analysis!

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It’s taken longer than we’d like, but the news for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally starting to roll in. Just a week after Nintendo released new screenshots for the Mexican localization of the game, five more small new screenshots have been revealed by Nintendo of Europe!

These brand new screenshots come the way of a promotional ‘postcard’ of sorts released on Twitter by Nintendo of Europe and on their associated Isabelle accounts. While the screenshots make up a rather small portion of the postcard, there’s plenty of new discoveries to find in them!

First, here’s the full image released on Twitter by Nintendo featuring some very nice high resolution art of Tom Nook, Timmy, Tommy, and even that coconut tree:

But of course, we’re really interested in the new screenshots that Nintendo has sneaked in here! Here’s the five new screenshots isolated into their own standalone image for your convenience:

And finally, we’ve cropped each individual screenshot out of the postcard, rotated it to be less crooked, and applied some enhancements to enlarge the size without reducing quality too much. This give us our best look at everything new in these screenshots — enjoy!

So what is there new to find in these screenshots? First off, we’re seeing some more villagers for the first time ever in New Horizons! Stitches can be spotted fishing at the back of the first screenshot, and Vesta and Kiki are enjoying the autumn season in the third screenshot. (although Stitches was previously confirmed, we haven’t seen him in-game)

Another thing worth noting is just how close the tent in the second screenshot is to the nearby river. We’ve talked in a previous analysis about how close some trees and decorations have been to the edge of land in contrast to past Animal Crossing games, but this is the first time an actual building has been so close.

The angle makes it hard to tell for sure, but if that tent is actually on the last full tile next to the river, that would be mean we have far more open building placements than in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. No Isabelle, that rock four tiles away should not block my house!

Speaking of decorations, we’ve got a few new ones on display. Particularly on the third autumn screenshot, I’m pretty certain that’s some kind of scarecrow item towards the back and we can see some piles of leaves as well that look like they might be items. And in the very first spring screenshot, there’s a new wooden log table and chair in the top right.

Oh and one more thing… there’s a stone bridge in the final screenshot! Believe it or not, we’ve never actually seen a bridge before in New Horizons. Unfortunately, this is just the boring standard version though as I’m very excited to see how some of the more interesting variations from New Leaf look in New Horizons.

Well, that just about covers most of the discoveries worth noting in these new screenshots! If you happened to notice anything else you think is new and interesting, please share it with us in the comments below.

As always, stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for more on Animal Crossing: New Horizons and everything else in the series as we approach the release on March 20th next year!

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something I noticed right away is that the animal is sitting on the swing chair which means our villagers will interact with the furniture we place like in pocket camp!!!

Mark Wyld

Yes, this was shown off in the first E3 trailer!


I’m disapointed because I’ve yet to see Isabelle. 🙁


Computer, ENHANCE!


They changed the grass back just having patches of the iconic animal crossing grass texture? The water still looks lifeless and dull. Hope they bring in the items from pocket camp to breathe some life into this game.


Considering the water moves with the wind, I dont think it will be dull. It may just be hard to see in a screenshot. Also its early, they havent released so much as a video since September…so we will see more!


The girl with the snowball has a new eye shape. Its like the pointed eye was in the last games, but more round. I love the roundness of it.


You can build a snow man it seems! At the very least you can roll around snow.


Anyone else notice the shadows look nicer, or am I just remembering wrong?


It looks like you can decorate the outside of your door! I saw a wreath and snowflake!


Well at least this confirms that you can use different paths…..or maybe I’m just seeing thing in the fall picture……..if I am I blame my phone


I think I see it too. The line is too straight to be ground cover. But I wouldn’t really say with this photo. They are quite bad.


3rd and 4th image appear to have what look new hairstyles almost. I don’t believe I’ve seen a partially shaven hair do (green hair guy) before, and in the 4th, the girl with orange hair has a longer hairstyle with bangs!


Do you think we’ll get letter writing back? Postcards from your island adventure?


Do the villagers have sleeves in the winter screenshot??!


Wait, I see buckets in pictures 2 and 3! Perhaps they added fish buckets?! I know that was a huge fan requested item!