Nintendo Newsletter advertises Animal Crossing: New Horizons, remembers the game exists

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Despite how it might seem sometimes lately to some fans, Nintendo of America hasn’t completely forgotten that Animal Crossing: New Horizons exists!

In the latest December edition of Nintendo’s monthly newsletter, the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons has received a mention as the top item under the Nintendo Switch section.

The mention reads as an alert to Animal Crossing fans that a new game is coming to Nintendo Switch saying ‘Attention Animal Crossing fans! The beloved series is coming to the Nintendo Switch system’, which makes sense as it’d be quite easy to forget lately that a new Animal Crossing game releases in just three months!

Joking aside, there are many Animal Crossing fans who haven’t been paying attention as much as we all have and might barely even be aware of New Horizons’ nearing release. This sort of small mention through a newsletter is an important way for Nintendo to reach out to those players who might not be as engaged.

As for where the ‘Get the scoop’ button leads, it takes the reader right to the official game page for Animal Crossing: New Horizons located here. On this page, you can find the previously released description for the game from E3 2019 and a selection of lovely screenshots taken from September’s Nintendo Direct trailer.

Unfortunately, there’s not yet any new information on that page. Amusingly though, the page also indicates that New Horizons is in fact supported as playable on… exactly zero play modes of the Nintendo Switch! That’s obviously just a placeholder error, but humorous regardless.

Hopefully this newsletter mention will mark the beginning of many upcoming efforts from Nintendo of America promoting the game in the lead-up to next year’s impending release! Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for more on New Horizons as we get it.

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