Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tote Bag pre-order bonus available at GAME UK!

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There’s been an absolute buffet of Animal Crossing: New Horizons pre-order bonuses revealed for the UK today, but it would seem Nintendo has left the best for last!

Announced on GAME UK‘s website tonight, the retailer will offer an adorable exclusive Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tote Bag as a free pre-order bonus for the game. While some of the other pre-order bonuses so far feel average, this one feels well worth the trouble!

We have a large photo below showing off exactly how the tote bag looks, but essentially it’s a light brown tote bag featuring three large Animal Crossing character icons. Those characters are none other than the main stars of New Horizons: Isabelle, Tom Nook, and K.K. Slider!

Be warned though that GAME does offer a disclaimer that only limited stock is available for this pre-order bonus, so it’s possible that it could sell out before New Horizons releases on March 20th.

You can pre-order Animal Crossing: New Horizons from GAME UK here to receive their exclusive Animal Crossing Tote Bag.

Aside from GAME, a number of other UK retailers are advertising pre-order bonuses of their own including the following:

And of course, we’ll be waiting to hear about any possible pre-order bonuses for every other region of the world! God damn though, the UK is sure getting spoiled rotten for New Horizons so far.

Thanks to @CampPeppermint to Twitter for bringing this to our attention!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches worldwide in less than three months from now on March 20th! Check out our release date countdown here, or pre-order the game here. Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for more news as we approach the release!

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