Brand new and returning Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters / villagers revealed via sticker (ANALYSIS)

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Big news is here! Multiple brand new characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons have been revealed for the very first time today, plus the confirmation of many returning characters from past games.

This exciting news comes to us from yet another set of Animal Crossing: New Horizons accessories announced in Japan, in the form of sticker sticker seals for the Nintendo Switch. The sticker designs feature both brand new and returning characters seen for the first time!

Here are the full sticker accessory images below, so you can see everything for yourself. Hopefully we’ll get these in a higher resolution soon but this is what we have for now…

Now let’s go over everything notable in these designs, starting with the completely new special characters to New Horizons, including ones seen on the box art and even some we have never seen before!

A New Bug-Off Host?

Perhaps one of the most exciting new characters we can see on this sticker is what could be the new host for Bug-Off events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I’m not entirely sure exactly what species he (or she) is, but it looks like a chameleon most likely.

Generally the artwork of villagers don’t include tools or items, but this guy has a net and bug prominently displayed, just like the new ‘Chip Junior‘. Based on that, it’s highly likely he is a new special character host for the Bug-Off then.

Which brings the question, is this a relative of Nat, just like ‘Chip Junior’? And will he replace Nat? So many questions here…

A Young Relative of Joan?

Next up, we have another potential ‘junior’ character in the form of what’s likely a new relative character of Joan! This adorable little thing is carrying a huge pack of white turnips on his head, so I guess we’ll just have to buy lots of turnips to help him out.

Once again, we’re left wondering whether it’s possible that Joan has been replaced by this new character, but we really can’t say for sure either way. Time will tell!

The Dodo Duo

We already saw our first look at the new Dodo Airlines character in the box-art reveal earlier this month, but it appears there are actually two of them! Perhaps one will be piloting the seaplane, while the other takes care of departure manners at the dock?

I love seeing duos of characters in Animal Crossing, much like Copper and Booker or Reese and Cyrus, so I’m super happy about this reveal.

Another Look at ‘Chip Junior’

While he’s not entirely new as we saw him on the box-art before, we’re getting another fresh look at the new beaver infamously known as ‘Chip Junior‘, even though we don’t for sure if that’s his actual name yet!

Confirmed Returning Special Characters

We’ve now covered all of the new and noteworthy special characters for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but there are a whole pile of returning characters present on this artwork too that can be newly confirmed in the game!

There’s no point talking at length about them as you’re already familiar, so here’s a quick gallery of newly confirmed returning special characters photos below.




Sable and Labelle




Brand New Villagers

And last, but definitely not least, we have a round of brand new villagers for Animal Crossing: New Horizons! I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting any new villagers to be revealed after taking this long to see them, so I’m pleasantly surprised about this news.

These new villagers of course don’t yet have any official names, so here’s a quick gallery below of all the new ones we could spot.

One more thing — it’s not a villager or special character, but there is one new human player render hidden within the sticker artwork too. Interestingly, she’s holding what looks like it could be the Kiki & Lala Wand from New Leaf’s Sanrio collaboration, as pointed out on Twitter!

Whew — that just about covers everything new there is to show off from these Animal Crossing: New Horizons sticker accessories for the Nintendo Switch! You can pre-order the new stickers for your own Switch from HMV Japan here if you’re interested.

And don’t forget about the other amazing Animal Crossing: New Horizons accessories from Hori, Keys Factory, and Max Games if you haven’t seen them before!

Which new characters are you most excited about from this new round? And do you think the special characters with what appear to be relatives like Chip, Nat, and Joan are going to be retired or still return?

Let me know what you think in the comments below and let’s get a discussion going! There really is so much to talk about from this news.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches worldwide in less than two months from now on March 20th! Check out our release date countdown here, or pre-order the game here. Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for more news as we approach the release!

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Yessss! Love it when I wake up to AC news on my home screen! My thought is maybe they introduced these new special characters in an attempt to put a new spin on previous events. The Bug Off and Fishing Tourneys, although super fun, definitely need a new vibe to prevent them from feeling like carbon copies of past games. I’m guessing that they are going to say that the previous characters were needed where they were and couldn’t be whisked away for an island getaway so they sent their family members instead. Oooooor maybe they “retired” like Tortimer did… Read more »

ashley butera

oh man yes this is awesome! so happy to see more reptile characters! tho I really wish we had reptile villagers.


I wonder if the new cat is an NPC? I know NPCs are generally special species, but we do have some cat ones already. The glasses just seem to make them stand out more than a regular villager. I’m getting a fashion/style/wealth vibe – maybe they’re a new Gracie?


Maybe, but since Labelle now has sunglasses and a checklist I was assuming she made it big as a designer and has replaced Gracie. Just a hunch.


We’ve seen villagers wearing sunglasses and glasses already in game (reading a book under a tree). So I think the cat will be a regular villager. That’s just what I think.


maybe but some villagers have features that pop out like elise the monkey who has red circle glasses but hey it could be possible, if they are a villager they are an automatic choice for my island


I kinda doubt it. Yes, the glasses do make it stick out, but there are other villagers with clothes (take O’Hare, for example), another thing that stuck out to me was he’s(?) wearing normal clothes, and most special characters wear something not in stores. Though it would be cool if he was a special character!


im getting really worried that toy day wont be in it, its my favorite. irl im obsessed with christmas and think about it all year. the game would feel empty in december without it. i love other holidays to like halloween and easter but not as much


I bet since Toy Doy won’t be around for almost a year they just won’t show too much of it yet. They already went through the trouble of giving it a non-IRL name, like Bunny Day, so I don’t see a reason why they would NOT have them… right?? D:


yeah, i hope you are right


They just had the Toy Day Event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp this past December. There’s no reason to think it wouldn’t be included.


Wisp looks weirdly naked without his hat xD At first I thought the new otter would have his own little fishing shop, now that bait is a thing, but with the new lizard (a bearded dragon?) I’m not too sure… I wonder what Nat and Chip will be up to if they are replaced… Same for Joan!


I am so excited for this game! The only thing I hope they include -and I’m so sorry if it was already mentioned, I don’t follow game updates much- but different skin tones for the characters! ❤️


The bear, and the cub are sooo cute!!!

Aqua Star

no offense but I would die for that baby Joan


It has snot coming out of its nose so you might die of diseases if you get to close


LOL Zeke, I just cracked up at your comment!!!


i had a dream about NH and that new wolf villager looks like the pastel pup in my dream just slightly more redder


That new red lizard is definitely not a chameleon as they speculate in this article, more like a horned lizard if you ask me. Nat is a chameleon.


I’m so upset Reese and Cyrus aren’t in this one :(((+


Wait.. so are Reese and Cyrus not going to be in New Horizons??? Oh no 🙁


Are Reese and Cyrus not in new horizons? :((((((