Watch Today’s Full Animal Crossing Direct Featuring New Horizons Archived

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The moment we’ve been waiting months for is finally arriving today as Nintendo hosts the long anticipated Animal Crossing Direct featuring Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

According to Nintendo, the Animal Crossing Direct presentation will feature an in-depth look at New Horizons’ Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package and will be about 25 minutes in length.

As for start time, the event is scheduled to begin at 6:00AM PST / 9:00AM EST / 2:00PM GMT — you can click here for more time zone conversions!

It will be broadcast on both Nintendo’s YouTube channel and Twitch channel, and you can find both of these videos embedded below to watch the Animal Crossing Direct live when it begins. After the presentation, we’ll update this article with a video recording archive!

UPDATE: The Direct has concluded and the full recording is available below… enjoy!!

You can also watch on Nintendo’s official Animal Crossing Direct website here.

In our experience with past Nintendo Directs, the Twitch stream is oftentimes a solid 10-20 seconds ahead of the YouTube stream, but you should try out both and see which works best for you personally.

As for what to expect during this special Animal Crossing Direct, we hope to see a pretty huge blowout on newly revealed features! It’s time that we get an in-depth look at the various shops that will be available, and a proper reveal of the new characters seen in stickers last month.

Another question we hope to see answered is whether any new amiibo figures or cards will be produced for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and if the Sanrio collaboration amiibo cards will see a re-print, assuming the collaboration is included in New Horizons!

Finally, it’d be great to get a peek at what other possible islands there may be to visit besides our own, such as Harvey’s island see on the game’s key artwork.

What are you hoping to see in today’s Animal Crossing Direct? Or if it’s already been revealed when you read this, what did you think and enjoy seeing the most?! Let me know in the comments below!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches worldwide in less a month from now on March 20th! Check out our release date countdown here, or pre-order the game here. Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for more news as we approach the release!

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