Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Opens DMs To Visit Random Animal Crossing: New Horizons Islands

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In yet another sign of never ending popularity for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, US Congress Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter this afternoon looking for player islands to randomly drop in for a visit!

The events of the day began with a ‘news alert’ shared by a journalist from The Intercept announcing the breaking news that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had recently picked up a Nintendo Switch system and began her Animal Crossing: New Horizons island a few days ago.

Not long after, the House representative confirmed the news herself with a quote retweet sharing her desire to visit random player islands and leave doodles on their bulletin boards at Resident Services.

Although she seemed a little confused on exactly how the process works, AOC opened up her public direct messages for four minutes, so fans could send their Dodo Codes to her! And oh boy did they come in, even crashing her Twitter app!

Understandably, the congresswoman typically leaves her direct messages closed to the public due to the incredible amount of abuse she receives otherwise, but apparently the Animal Crossing opening of DMs led to a surprising amount of wholesome and sweet responses.

After another follow-up tweet asking about online island visiting etiquette (don’t run over any flowers was the most common piece of advice, of course), Ocasio-Cortez began visiting Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands using the Dodo Codes sent in her DMs!

Her first visit found herself landing on Twitter user Justin Mirsky‘s island, who just happens to have previously lived in AOC’s House district, leaving a sweet message on his island bulletin board complete with a written signature just as promised.

According to an interview in The Washington Post, the congresswoman brought along some Pear fruits to trade as well proving that she’s already an expert in Animal Crossing online etiquette, and likely a sign of her native fruit being Pears. In our opinion, she should have definitely reset a few times to avoid the tragedy of Pears, but we’ll let it go — she’s new.

Clearly Ocasio-Cortez is offer to a quick start on her Animal Crossing: New Horizons career though as she even drew a quick makeshift custom pattern design to use for her shirt, so her election campaign’s logo could be proudly displayed in-game!

Given how well this whole ordeal went for AOC today, we suspect she’ll be back accepting more Dodo Codes to visit other islands soon, so keep an eye out on her Twitter page here if you’d like the chance to have her drop in. Check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guides section here for more on the game!

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Shes an incredible person and I’m glad we have someone like her representing our government. We need her more than ever




Fuck commies


Hell to the no. She is NOT welcome in this community. Fuck right off.

Dicky Beaters

I invited her and put KAG 2020 in red, white & blue roses with hay bales and snapping turtle. That idiot won’t be returning.


I hope she comes to my island ^-^

Dicky Beaters

Make sure you open your corral and leave plenty of hay.