Nintendo Copyright Claims Duplication Glitch Video For Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Fix Coming Soon?

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You’ve no doubt heard about the latest duplication glitch found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently, and Nintendo isn’t too happy about it!

We’ve avoided covering this duplication glitch so far and others in the past on Animal Crossing World as I personally believe these bugs are harmful to the game’s long term longevity and would prefer to limit their spread. However, the cat’s definitely out of the bag on this one.

It appears that Nintendo isn’t a big fan of instructions for this glitch being broadcast either as we’ve spotted at least one widespread video with over 350,000 views on YouTube covering the duplication exploit receive a copyright claim from the company.

Using the copyright claim system on YouTube, Nintendo has blocked the duplication glitch instructional video from being viewed worldwide leaving behind the error screen seen above. However, there are many other similar videos still available, so the work by Nintendo’s lawyers don’t seem to be particularly comprehensive.

Interestingly, this definitely isn’t the first time Nintendo has made use of copyright claims on YouTube in an attempt to remove information about Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Back in late March near the game’s release when another duplication glitch first surfaced, we noticed that Nintendo made similar copyright claims to a number of popular videos on YouTube covering that exploit and taking them down, just like this. (here’s a few examples)

Shortly after those videos were blocked though, the company released a brand new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons removing the glitch from the game. So if history is any indication here, it’s a good sign that Nintendo is well aware of this glitch and are preparing a quick fix to the exploit as we write this right now.

We won’t be sharing any specific instructions on the duplication glitch and how to perform it here, for the reasons stated earlier in addition to preferring to be spared by the Nintendo Ninjas, but you can easily find it elsewhere online if you’re so inclined.

There’s potentially a debate to be had as well about whether using the YouTube copyright claim system to remove information like this is fair or appropriate. In our view though, this is obviously well within Nintendo’s rights and the right move to reduce the impact of game-breaking issues.

What are your thoughts on the latest exploit and duplication glitches in general? Let us know what you think in the comments below, including whether you’ve made use of these bugs yourself or not. For more on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, check out our Guides page here.

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Logan Hornung

Yeah I’m sure they will fix that quick but still do nothing about people having corrupted save files other than telling them they’re sol and just to start their town over.

Qi Lin

I mean. Why should Nintendo fix a file the person corrupted for glitching though? Unless it was through that whole islander incident.


I’d never use any glitch method, but what Nintendo did removing youtubers videos I’m pretty sure is copyright abuse. What they should be doing is leaving those videos alone and hurry and make a fix to the problem. Honestly it’s what Nintendo gets for decreasing the rare bug rates and lowering the interest in the bank

Scott Holcomb

There will always be things like this, there is no perfectly non-exploitable software out there in the world and there never will be. How they handle it is what remains to be seen. I agree that they are abusing the copyright system and Youtube it’self is the main problem with that scenario. One point though, the needles nerfing of the rare bug drops as well as rare visitors is also part of the problem. Folks had a way to get some extra bells in-game within the confines of the software without glitches. They took that away, still why has yet… Read more »

Isabelle is a bell

They nerfed something that players actually worked for like the tarantula island… facepalm

TikTok is bad

I- That’s copyright abuse!


they deserve whatever comes to them, instead of abusing the system fix ur stuff and prices, then you wouldn’t have people playing on emus, the internet is still somewhat free, millions of lawsuits won’t keep you in control of it