August Fireworks Show Coming To Animal Crossing: New Horizons — What Was It Like In Past Games?

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While most of yesterday’s Animal Crossing hype was understandably focused on the swimming update announcement, we wanted to look ahead a little towards the next Animal Crossing: New Horizons event!

As seen at the very end of the Summer Update Wave 1 update announcement video released yesterday morning, a second wave called Summer Update #2 will be arriving during early August. While no details were explicitly given on what this update will contain, a pretty massive hint was dropped!

Those fireworks in the background almost certainly represent none other than the famous August Fireworks Show, a yearly series of events that have been in every Animal Crossing game since Animal Crossing: Wild World back in 2005.

Originally borne out of a replacement for the real-world July 4th Independence Day holiday when Wild World went on a holiday removing crusade, the firework shows in August have stuck around as a series staple in later games even when they featured proper holidays again.

The fireworks show took place during every Saturday night beginning at 7PM in Wild World, and every Sunday night in both City Folk and New Leaf. Therefore it seems likely the Fireworks Show event will occur every Sunday night during August in Animal Crossing: New Horizons too!

This event definitely had its most fully featured version in Animal Crossing: New Leaf though, so we’ll be focusing on that edition of the event for the rest of this article.

As the name obviously implies, beautiful fireworks were shot high into the sky over your town each night starting at 7PM. What’s more though is that by showing a custom pattern to Isabelle prior to the start time, you could customize the firework designs seen in the sky throughout the night!

With how much the artist community has embraced Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ better than ever before custom design features, we’d love to see how fans would make use of custom fireworks in the sky this time around.

Speaking of Isabelle, speaking to her during the August Fireworks Show could get yourself one of four special glowing Bopper headbands including Bulb, Flower, Heart, and Star! These items are incentive to show up every Sunday too, since you can only get one per week.

Bopper PrizeSell Price

Bulb Bopper

Flower Bopper

Heart Bopper

Star Bopper

Besides Isabelle, another special and familiar guest makes an appearance during the Fireworks Show — Crazy Redd! Or rather, Jolly Redd as he is now known as in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

During the Fireworks Show, Crazy Redd could be found setup in his very own tent stall near the Town Tree plaza selling some exclusive Redd’s Cookies. After purchasing a cookie and eating it, you’d find a special ticket inside.

PrizeTicketSell Price

Boxed Figurine
Bang Ticket300

Lovely Phone
Flash Ticket2600

Love Tester
Pow Ticket256

Miniature Car
Sparkle Ticket2500

Ten Billion Barrel
Whiz Ticket256

Ultra Hand
Crackle Ticket256

Ultra Machine
Pop Ticket256

Ultra Scope
Kaboom Ticket256

Each of these tickets can be exchanged at Redd’s Stall for one of eight different types of toy item prizes! These include the Ultra Hand, Love Tester, Boxed Figurine, and Miniature Car.

In addition to the special items like Boppers from Isabelle and Cookie Toys from Crazy Redd, you could grab some fun party items like Sparklers, Roman Candles, and Party Poppers! Although Party Poppers can now be found year-round at Nook’s Cranny in New Horizons.

Anyway, that pretty much covers everything there is to know about how the August Fireworks Show event worked in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and a peek forward of what it could entail in New Horizons this August!

There’s a good chance we’ll see the event get changed up a bit to put it beyond what New Leaf offered though, considering it appears to be the highlight feature for August being teased in that preview screen.

Plus, there’s some obvious issues that will need to be addressed, like how Redd setting up a stall next to Resident Services doesn’t really fit with his role in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Isn’t he meant to be hiding in his ship on the secret beach?

Perhaps a different special character will make an appearance the August Fireworks Show event instead, and maybe one that is new to New Horizons by continuing the trend of updates bring back missing characters from the series.

Let us know your thoughts on the August Fireworks Show in the comments below, and what you’re hoping to see in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons rendition of this event! Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World forĀ everything on New Horizons, including our extensive Guides section here. (Image Credits: Nookipedia)

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