29 New Passport Titles To Unlock With 3 New Nook Miles In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Update

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It’s always fun collecting new Nook Miles achievements and unlocking new titles for your Passport with them in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

As you’ve likely already experienced, there’s a few brand new Nook Miles achievements available with this week’s Summer Update too. With both this update and the past Spring Update adding new Nook Miles, it seems we’re in for regular new titles to unlock with each content update.

Completing all three of these Nook Miles could take quite some time though, so let’s take a closer look ahead. We’ll list exact how many Miles you could be earning for each milestone, what you’ll need to do to get them, and most importantly the spicy new Passport Titles that can be unlocked!

Deep Dive Nook Miles

The glittering sea that surrounds our island is home to all kinds of captivating creatures. Put on your wet suit, dive in, and sea what you can collect to earn miles. Sea what I did there, hm?

  • Catch 5 Sea Creatures: 300 Nook Miles; Midsummer, Swimmer
  • Catch 50 Sea Creatures: 500 Nook Miles; Bodyboardin’, Beachcomber
  • Catch 250 Sea Creatures: 1000 Nook Miles; Aquatic, Jetsam
  • Catch 1000 Sea Creatures: 2000 Nook Miles; Splashy, Winner
  • Catch 2500 Sea Creatures: 3000 Nook Miles; Deep-Sea, Monster

Underwater Understudy

There are still many creatures we have yet to discover at the bottom of the sea, hm? Earn miles by diving deep, capturing creatures, and filling out your Critterpedia. Yes, yes!

  • Discover 5 Sea Creatures: 300 Nook Miles; Cerulean, Diver
  • Discover 10 Sea Creatures: 500 Nook Miles; Fresh, Ingredient
  • Discover 20 Sea Creatures: 1000 Nook Miles; Surfing, Pa, Ma
  • Discover 30 Sea Creatures: 2000 Nook Miles; Waterlogged, Seaweed
  • Discover 40 Sea Creatures: 3000 Nook Miles; Seaside, Darling, Honey

You Otter Know

If you meet a laid-back fellow floating in the sea, consider sharing some of your scallops with him. You never know what you might learn in return…and a little gift never hurts either!

  • Meet Pascal Once: 300 Nook Miles; Kind, Cynic
  • Meet Pascal 10 Times: 500 Nook Miles; Hungry, Philosopher
  • Meet Pascal 20 Times: 1000 Nook Miles; Oceanic, Existentialist

What are your favorite Passport Titles to use in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Let us know what you’re sporting in the comments below! Special thanks to NWPlayer123 for their datamining work used to obtain this data.

Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for everything on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including our extensive Guides section here. In particular, don’t miss out on our new Sea CreaturesPascal’s Mermaid Set, and Wet Suits guides.

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