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Afternoon Tea Set DLC now available at Nintendo Zones in North America

10 years ago 28 Comments


The next item of the new set of Nintendo Zone DLC items in North America is now available! Pick up your Afternoon Tea Set item by heading to any Nintendo Zone location (not just Best Buy) in North America and asking Pelly for a present.

Please note that the Afternoon Tea Set is not re-orderable in the catalog. Europeans looking to obtain this item can rest in peace though as it is planned for release at EU Nintendo Zones beginning on September 1st.

Alternatively, you can set your router SSID at home to “Bestbuy” or create a hotspot on your smartphone named “Bestbuy”. Please note that this is likely to only work on North American consoles.

Nintendo Zone DLC items coming to North America starting with Pumpkin Pie on August 11

10 years ago 13 Comments


More DLC items are heading to Animal Crossing: New Leaf in North America in near future! A new series of items, available at all Nintendo Zone locations, begins on August 11th with the Pumpkin Pie. Item releases will continue through August all the way until late September.

It’s unsure yet exactly how many items will be released, or if they will be re-orderable. Stay tuned to the blog as always for updates on the other DLC items as they are announced in the future!

Fireworks Table DLC available in North America and Europe today as well

10 years ago 14 Comments


The Fireworks Table DLC, previously announced for a Japanese release, is now available for download from Pelly at the Post Office in both North America and Europe.

We weren’t previously sure if the item would be available for distribution outside of Japan and Korea, but it seems Nintendo dropped a pleasant surprise for the rest of the world as well without announcing it at all! (at the time of writing, neither the official NA website or twitter make any mention of the DLC)

Hopefully this means that all future SpotPass DLC going forward will continue to be released to all regions simultaneously.

Fireworks Table DLC coming to Japan in August, other regions TBA

10 years ago 10 Comments


The latest DLC item for Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been announced. It’s the Fireworks Table! Distribution for Japan will begin on August 1st until August 31st, but we’re still waiting to hear about an announcement for other regions.

As with most DLC items, when the distribution period begins, simply speak with Pelly at the Post Office to receive the item. You’ll need to be connected to the internet.

Update: The Fireworks Table has been announced for distribution in Korea as well. Stay tuned for further region announcements.