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Nintendo bringing its character IP to mobile devices – should we fear for Animal Crossing?

8 years ago 7 Comments


It’s happening at long last. Nintendo has just announced today a new agreement with Japanese mobile game company DeNA to bring Nintendo’s intellectual property, including characters, to mobile devices. This new deal includes the potential for any and all Nintendo IPs to be developed for mobile devices in collaboration with DeNA. There will be no exceptions to any individual IP: the deal covers them all, including Animal Crossing.

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How Nintendo can make Animal Crossing 3DS the best AC ever

11 years ago 9 Comments

As we countdown to E3 2012 in anticipation of new information for Animal Crossing 3DS, I’m starting a series of opinion pieces about the game. Be sure to check the blog often for more posts!

With Animal Crossing 3DS set to be the most anticipated game of the series so far Nintendo needs to pull out all the tricks to create the best Animal Crossing game yet. Many people have complained that City Folk offered little more than the previous versions and the 3DS game needs to be more than just a small update.

I’ve spent a little while thinking of what the series badly needs that it hasn’t already gotten yet. Here’s what Nintendo needs to do in my opinion to make sure Animal Crossing 3DS is the best game in the series…

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