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The many Town Halls of Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 27 Comments


Today we’re taking a look at the various Town Hall designs that can be built in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. There are a few requirements for these so let’s go over those:

First, you are required to have Perfect Town status to build one of these designs. Perfect Town status is when you have what the game considers to be a “perfect” town. The criteria for this includes the right amount of trees/flowers in each section of your town, no weeds, and no items/garbage lying on the ground.

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The wackiest new villager in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 19 Comments

Finally, Nintendo delivers what we’ve all been waiting for: A clown sheep villager! Or something. Who even knows… But seriously, what a wacky new villager to add in to the game! This is why I love Nintendo so much at times.

What’s even better is that their house is just as wacky! Check it out below:

Who is hoping for this villager in their New Leaf town? I know I am.

A quick look at Igloos in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 31 Comments

Fans of the original Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Gamecube are going to appreciate this! In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the villager Igloos during the winter have returned. These Igloos will popup temporarily in your town during the Winter with a villager living in them. You can chat with them or…

In the Gamecube version of the Igloos, you could play a game with the villager inside for a chance to win exclusive Winter themed items! It’s unknown so far if this is still the case in New Leaf but here’s a list of the exclusive items obtainable on the Gamecube:

  • Chowder
  • Fireplace
  • Crab Stew
  • Sleigh
  • Snow Bunny
  • Snowboard
  • Snowy Tree Model
  • Igloo Model


Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

7 years ago 14 Comments

The Animal Crossing Twitter tweeted out a screenshot of the first sighting of snow this morning. That’s right folks, Winter is here in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Sure, the ground hasn’t quite turned white yet but snow is falling in villages now. Take a look at the snow above.

P.S: Did you know Christmas is less than a month away already? :O

Deciduous Trees revealed in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

7 years ago 13 Comments

Those looking for a little more realism in their Animal Crossing might like this. It seems that some trees in New Leaf will lose their leaves when you shake them. It could also have something to do with delicious fruit as this was a delicious fruit tree but personally I think it’s a result of the winter season.

Whitney was just visiting Mint’s town and shaking some trees when the leaves fell right off this tree. We’re fairly certain this isn’t a glitch since there was a distinct falling animation and sound effect when the leaves fell off.

What do you guys think of this? Would you want this in your town or avoid them at all costs?

Tweet #42: Heart Shaped Stump

7 years ago 2 Comments

Not a whole lot to say about this tweet. Check it out below.

Tweet Translation:

Everyone look! If you look closely, doesn’t the top of the stump look like a heart?! It’s kind of rare and I was so happy that I snapped a picture.

Editor’s Note: The official Animal Crossing 3DS Twitter account (@doubutsuno_mori) is tweeting new information and screenshots daily! We’ll be posting any new screenshots that come from these onto the Blog. Translations by Sumwheat.