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Animal Crossing Wii U announcement coming soon? Hisashi Nogami says “that’s difficult for me to answer at the moment”

7 years ago 2 Comments


As many of you know, Nintendo’s latest big release Splatoon launched today on Wii U. Luckily for us, Engadget has published an interview with the producer of the game Hisashi Nogami alongside the release! But who is Hisashi Nogami?

Hisashi Nogami is a top developer at Nintendo, where he has directed Animal Crossing games from the original through to City Folk on the Wii. More recently, his attention has been focused on the Wii U OS software, and of course Splatoon. We can only assume he is working on the upcoming Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer as well.

Thanks to the folks at Engadget, we got a little Animal Crossing question in at the end of the interview for us to twist and speculate on:

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Core Animal Crossing team members working on Splatoon for Wii U

7 years ago 18 Comments


If you’ve been paying any attention to E3 this past week, you’ve probably heard of Nintendo’s new IP for Wii U titled Splatoon, just announced on Tuesday. According to an interview published by Mashable today speaking with EAD manager Shigeru Miyamoto, about 10 core members from the Animal Crossing team were pulled away to work on Splatoon.

He went on to explain that Splatoon is primarily being developed by younger staff at Nintendo, including from the Animal Crossing team. Additionally, the game is being directed by one of Nintendo Land’s directors.

Does this change your opinion on the game at all? Personally, it makes a lot of sense now considering how silly of a game Splatoon seems to be, similarly to Animal Crossing. Do you guys think this could delay development of the next Animal Crossing title? Discuss in the comments below!

There’s an Animal Crossing: New Leaf easter egg in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

8 years ago 7 Comments


Looks like the developers over at Retro Studios in Texas are big fans of Animal Crossing! A neat little easter egg has been discovered in the upcoming Wii U game release Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. When the player stops moving for a while, an idle animation is enacted with Donkey Kong taking out his Nintendo 3DS to play a selection of games.

One of those games is Animal Crossing: New Leaf as you can hear the 3PM hour music playing for a few seconds. The other two games played are Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Super Mario 3D Land. Check them all out in the video below, you’ll catch the Animal Crossing cameo at 24 seconds in: