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UPDATED: There’s a new Nintendo Direct coming in less than 24 hours!

11 years ago 4 Comments

UPDATE: Since this post was published, Nintendo of Ameria and Nintendo of Europe have announced their own events. They will both be broadcasted an hour after Japan’s. For those keeping track that means Midnight EDT/9PM PDT for NoA/NoE. I suspect these events will contain mostly the same content, just in English with Japan-only games removed.

We just got word of a new Nintendo Direct event being held in less than 24 hours. It will be broadcasted at Noon JST on Friday and at 11PM EDT/8PM PDT on Thursday. Keep in mind that for the moment we only know of a Japanese broadcast. Click here for a countdown clock.

It’s not guaranteed that we will see anything Animal Crossing 3DS related but we can hope! Luckily, we only have to wait 24 hours to find out.

Reggie confirms to Kotaku that Animal Crossing is still in development

12 years ago 3 Comments

In case anyone wanted to know, Nintendo of America president Reggie has confirmed to Kotaku that an Animal Crossing game is still in development. I don’t think anyone actually thought it was cancelled or anything but it’s nice to hear Nintendo acknowledge the game’s existence still!

Nintendo’s 3DS version of Animal Crossing, announced eons ago and slated for a fall Japan release, just no-showed E3. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime tells Kotaku: “Animal Crossing is a game that is in development.” That’s all we got!

Unfortunately, Reggie dropped no hints regarding a release date so we still don’t know if it’s coming outside of Japan this year or next year.


Nintendo of America’s response to Animal Crossing fans

12 years ago 7 Comments

A bunch of fans sent Nintendo of America emails asking about Animal Crossing 3DS recently after the events of E3. Here’s the mass email reply they sent out to everyone who asked:

Thanks for contacting us. I can certainly understand your disappointment that Animal Crossing was not talked about further at the recent E3 conference. I’ll be certain to document your feedback and report that you want to see Animal Crossing released for the Nintendo 3DS to the appropriate departments here at Nintendo.

Believe me, we are every bit as excited as you are to learn more about what’s coming. Eventually, we will pull back the curtain and share all the new and exciting details on our website ( but I’m unable to say when we might release more details to the public.

I want to make sure that you know that the Animal Crossing franchise is still very important to Nintendo, which is why it is one of the games featured in the upcoming Nintendo Land game for the Wii U ( While I know this wasn’t the answer you were hoping for, I appreciate your enthusiasm for the Animal Crossing series.

Nintendo of America Inc.

So basically just standard PR jumbo from Nintendo of America telling us to look forward to a freakin’ mini-game in Nintendo Land. Sigh.

Is Animal Crossing 3DS delayed to 2013? No listing of it in the 2012 releases for 3DS!

12 years ago 70 Comments

Um. Excuse me for a moment but, WHAT THE HELL NINTENDO? The 3DS Presentation just ended and they didn’t mention Animal Crossing 3DS at all. Not even a screenshot. It may be delayed until 2013. More details in a second.

Note that this doesn’t confirm a 2013 release but don’t you think it’s extremely odd they didn’t show it at E3 2012 at all? The video does say “and more” but really would they show Transformers over a first party game like Animal Crossing? I doubt it.