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How to Get New K.K. Slider Songs & Full Song List

When you want to liven up your house or the outdoors of your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a song playing from K.K. Slider is just the way to do it! In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get new tracks and a complete list of K.K. Slider Songs.

How to Get New K.K. Slider Songs

There are two main different ways to obtain new K.K. Slider songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Once you get a new song, you can register the track into a music player furniture item and play the song at any time!

Buy K.K. Slider Songs from Nook Shopping

Starting from your first full day on the island, you can begin purchasing K.K. Slider songs from the Nook Stop terminal inside of Resident Services. Just head into the Nook Shopping menu and select Special Goods to find a K.K. Slider song available for purchase at the bottom of the menu.

Each day, a new random K.K. Slider song will be swapped in to your Specials Goods section of the Nook Shopping menu to buy! The song that appears here is unqiue for every player too, so you can trade with others easily using the Order As Gift function!

Bonus: If you’ve purchased enough items from Nook Shopping, you can unlock a special app on your NookPhone allowing you to purchase new songs from anywhere!

Request Songs from K.K. Slider on Saturday Nights

After you’ve completed the ‘Project K’ dream of Tom Nook’s and K.K. Slider has preformed his first concert on your island, he will start appearing on your island as a visitor!

Every week on Saturday, you can find K.K. Slider hanging out with his guitar playing tunes in front of the Resident Services building. However, it’s not until later in the evening that you’ll be able to start requesting songs.

Note that on Saturdays when there is another notable event happening outside of Resident Services, such as the Fishing Tourney or Bug-Off, K.K. Slider will instead appear on the Friday before.

Beginning at 6PM local time on your island, K.K. Slider will begin to accept requests for concert performances with yourself and any friends you might have with you! You can choose between a random song, a random song according to a mood, or a requested song of your own choice.

After K.K. Slider has played your first requested song for the day, he’ll kindly provide you with your very own version of the song to put in a music player! If you have friends over on your island, he’ll mail it to you the next day.

Unfortunately, you can only get one K.K. Slider song per week by using this method, so choose wisely what you request! And make sure to catch him before he leaves after midnight local time.

Complete List of All K.K. Slider Songs in New Horizons

The table below contains the complete list of all 96 K.K. Slider Songs you can request from the main himself in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you are requesting a song to K.K. Slider for a performance, remember that song titles must be entered exactly as shown here to work!

NEW: We’ve transformed our list into an interactive checklist using checkboxes for keeping track of what K.K Slider Songs you own so far! The data will be saved to your browser and may be lost if you clear your browser data.

Song NameNotes

New in AC:NH!

New in AC:NH!

New in AC:NH!

Cannot be requested

Previously Señor K.K.

New in AC:NH!
Wild WorldCan't be requested or airchecked

Enter Song Titles EXACTLY As Shown

Having trouble getting K.K. Slider to play the song you’re looking for? Please make sure that you’re entering the song title to him EXACTLY as we’ve shown on our list here. That includes exact spacing and any punctuation like periods! You should look over what you’ve entered before pressing submit if you don’t want to make a mistake.

Special Notes on Wild World

It’s worth noting that the ‘Wild World’ song is actually one of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ error tracks, meaning that it is randomly played when you incorrectly enter a song name in a request. You can’t specifically choose to play it, but there are very few error tracks, so it’s not hard to get it anyway.

Additionally, you can not take it home as an aircheck song to play as an item unfortunately does not exist for the track.

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I’ve noticed that song names have been changed. I don’t know all the songs that have their names changed, or if it effects K.K. song requests, but one of the songs that have a name change is Señor K.K. which has the new name of Mariachi K.K.

Rachel Carey

Thanks for the list! It’s a big help to us K.K. collectors. K.K. Mariachi is missing however.


I think you’re missing King K.K. Thanks for the list though!


kkk haha


i nee d only 51 k.k. songs wow and i thought i had a lot


I requested “Mountain Song” exactly as written and he had no idea what I was asking for…


I typed “Berglied” and he’s singing… oops he pulled it from his back catalog, so that didn’t work either


Mountain Song worked he played an adorable waltz