Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival launches on November 13th in North America, pricing and availability details

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After the successive release dates announced for both Japan and Europe, we’ve got a North American date for Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and information on the availability of the amiibo figures.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival will launch on November 13th in North America, which is actually one week prior to the Japanese and European release dates. Hooray for getting an Animal Crossing game before Japan!

It’s not all great though. While every amiibo figure will be available separately on their release dates in Japan and Europe, it’s going to work a little different in North America. Let’s dive into all the details:

The game will be sold in a bundle with Isabelle and Digby will be available in the base bundle, and only in the bundle Digby. The bundle will retail for $59.99 in the United States, and $79.99 (!!!) in Canada.


The extra K.K. Slider, Reese, and Cyrus amiibo figures will be available in the three-pack bundle, and exclusively in this three-pack to our knowledge, retailing for $34.99 in the United States and $44.99 in Canada.


And finally, the additional Tom Nook and Mabel amiibo figures will be available individually alongside the game’s launch on November 13th. However, the Lottie amiibo figure will come about a week¬†later on November 22nd. All individual figures will run you up $12.99 each in the United States, and $15.99 each in Canada.


For folks from Canada, I highly suggest you place a pre-order at Amazon Canada right now as they still have the game up for only $69.99 right now as of publishing and will likely increase to the $79.99 MSRP very soon. You’ll get the cheaper price locked in once you pre-order!

Be sure to check out our mountains of other Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival news over the past 2 days including an overview trailer, a second wave of Animal Crossing amiibo, and ten new screenshots!

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