Fishing Tourney #3 is open during this weekend in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, grab an Octopus Hat

The third fishing tournament event has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp today bringing new underwater themed furniture and a sweet Octopus Hat!

Unlike the past two fishing events earlier in the year taking place at the ocean beach, Fishing Tourney #3 is switching things up by re-locating up to the river. Use your fishing rod to round up a fresh catch of tourney fish at the river during every villager cycle, return your winnings to Chip nearby, and enjoy new rewards for reaching milestones throughout the event!

Here are the exciting prizes you can fetch during Fishing Tourney #3, as seen in the banner above:

  • Bubble Curtain
  • Sunken Treasure Chest
  • Turtle Cushion
  • Octopus Hat
  • Angelfsh Tank
  • Bluegill Tank
  • Arowana Tank

Fishing tournament events are also a great way to pick up extra essences you still need in-between the main prizes, plus grab more free Leaf Tickets through the limited time Chip Challenges.

For a closer look at this event, check out our complete Fishing Tourney #3 guide for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with everything you need to know! It ends on Tuesday, July 3rd at 11PM Pacific Time.

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