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Fishing Tourney #3 Complete Event Guide

The third Fishing Tourney event has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android! It runs from June 29th, 2018 to July 3rd, 2018. Learn how to catch tournament fish, win underwater furniture, claim free Leaf Tickets, and grab the Octopus Hat in our complete guide!

How to Catch Fishing Tourney Fish

During this event, head to the Lost Lure Creek river on your map and meet the friendly NPC Chip when he greets you on your first arrival. (later you can find him standing north of the dock) After you’ve begun the event by speaking to him, just start fishing on the river shore and throw your fishing rod towards sparkling shadows indicating a tourney fish ready to catch!

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For Fishing Tourney #3, there are three special tournament fish to catch during the event: Bluegill, Angelfish, and Arowana. These fish will always be caught when you go after a sparkling shadow.

The bad news is that these special sparkling tourney fish are only available in limited quantities before they disappear until respawn. After catching around seven or so of these fish, a message will pop-up indicating there are no more left to catch for now. Thankfully, the respawn is directly tied to the 3-hour villager cycle meaning that every time villagers cycle around your map, there will be new tourney fish to catch!

In addition to the usual method of fishing in the river, you can sometimes receive tourney fish as gifts from villagers in your campsite when speaking to them! This happens during interactions where they share materials or bells with you.

Win Underwater Furniture and Octopus Hat Prizes

After you have caught all of the special tourney fish in the river during a cycle, walk over to Chip and speak to him to collect your rewards. He’ll assess your inventory of tourney fish and added up the measurements to add to your total-size goal. Then you’ll receive prizes according to your total-size goal milestones reached so far!

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Here’s the full list of the special event prizes you can win during Fishing Tourney #3 and how to unlock them:

Wood Fish TrophyReach total-size goal of 10cm.
Octopus HatReach total-size goals of 250cm or complete the Catch 24 Bluegill Chip Challenge.
Angelfish TankReach total-size goals after 500cm or complete the Catch 16 Angelfish Chip Challenge.
Bronze Fish TrophyReach total-size goal of 1200cm.
Sea-Turtle CushionReach total-size goals after 1250cm or complete the Catch 32 Angelfish Chip Challenge.
Bluegill TankReach total-size goals after 2000cm or complete the Catch 12 Bluegill Chip Challenge.
Sunken Treasure ChestReach total-size goals after 2750cm.
Silver Fish TrophyReach total-size goal of 3200cm.
Arowana TankReach total-size goals after 3750cm or complete the Catch 8 Angelfish Chip Challenge.
Bubble CurtainReach total-size goals after 4750cm.
Gold Fish TrophyReach total-size goal of 5700cm.

Chip Challenges: Free Leaf Tickets, Throw Nets, and Extra Items!

You don’t want to miss out on Chip Challenges during this event — they’re the Timed Goals for Fishing Tourney #3 and are a great way to fetch extra rewards! Get free tourney throw nets to help you complete the event faster, extra doubles of some event items, and a free sparkle stone. Most importantly, a total of 40 free Leaf Tickets are available if you complete all the relevant challenges!

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Here’s the full list of Chip Challenges available to complete during Fishing Tourney #3 and their associated rewards:

Catch 24 BluegillOctopus Hat
Catch 32 AngelfishSea-Turtle Cushion
Catch 8 ArowanaArowana Tank
Catch 16 AngelfishAngelfish Tank
Catch 12 BluegillBluegill Tank
Catch 16 Arowana10 Leaf Tickets
Catch 12 Arowana5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 18 Bluegill5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 45 Pale Chub5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 4 Black Bass5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 45 Crucian Carp5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 45 Yellow Perch5 Leaf Tickets
Catch 125 AngelfishSparkle Stone
Catch 8 Pale Chub at least 15.5cmTourney Throw Net
Catch 8 Yellow Perch at least 37.0cmTourney Throw Net
Catch 8 Crucian CarpTourney Throw Net
Catch 8 Pale ChubTourney Throw Net
Catch 8 Black Bass at least 52.5cmTourney Throw Net
Catch 1 Black BassTourney Throw Net
Catch 8 Crucian Carp at least 21.5cmTourney Throw Net
Catch 8 Yellow PerchTourney Throw Net

Complete the Fishing Tourney Faster with Golden Rod and Throw Nets

Looking for a leg up on this event? For 80 Leaf Tickets, you can purchase a Golden Rod from Chip to guarantee double catches for all of your tourney fishing for the duration of the event. With the regular fishing rod, there is a small chance of catching two fish at once but not often.

In our assessment of previous Fishing Tourney events, we don’t feel that the Golden Rod or additional tourney throw nets are at all necessary to complete the event and receive all of the rewards available.

However, this operates on the basis on being an active player participating in multiple fishing cycles every day during the event. If you don’t have as much time to play, you may find the Golden Rod to be worth purchasing!

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