[PART 2 LIVE!] Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp celebrates first anniversary with Isabelle’s Party-Prep Project

The first anniversary of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is here with an entire month of seasonal party events to celebrate!

Throughout the month of November a series of seasonal events celebrating the game’s first anniversary are happening, starting with Isabelle’s Party-Prep Project today. It’s a gardening event where we collect Flutterbows in our gardens in hopes of getting the entire set of anniversary party furniture!

Here’s a list of all the items you can pick up during Isabelle’s Party-Prep Project:

  • Red Carpet
  • Spicy Party Tray
  • Savory Party Tray
  • Standing Floral Display
  • Silver First Anniv. Lamp
  • Gold First Anniv. Lamp
  • Pink First-Anniv. Arch
  • Orange First-Anniv. Arch
  • Potted Purple Rosettes
  • Potted Blue Rosettes
  • Potted Red Rosettes

UPDATE 11/05: The second half of Isabelle’s Party-Prep Project has begun today with Part 2! You can now plant Red Rosettes to catch Grand and Lovely Flutterbows. There’s also some bonus hard tasks at the end, so make sure you get started ASAP!

In addition to the gardening event, two more events collecting gyroidites and catching golden sparkling tourney fish in the ocean will arrive later in the month with the Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #5 event in the middle, and Fishing Tourney #8 near the end of the month.

Holding all of these first anniversary events together is an overarching set of goals for all three events throughout the month. Completing tasks in the gardening event, crafting gyroidite clothing, and catching gold tourney fish will all earn you First-Anniversary Candles. Collect enough candles before the end of the Anniversary Celebration in November and you can get special items just for the candles through Seasonal Event goals.

Learn everything you need to know about Isabelle’s Party-Prep Project with our complete guide here — the event begins today and runs through until November 11th at 11PM Pacific Time. And don’t forget to login each and every day to pick up all of the free 150 Leaf Tickets available during the first half of November!

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